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Our clever cleaners are solving problems all over the country. Whether it’s an out-of-reach picture window, a messy water feature, a trampoline that gets in the way of mowing, or cleaning the pool while it’s being used.
Robots that take the hard work out of house work every day. robotzoo home cleaning robots help to make you feel at home.
Browse our Articles, How-To Guides, Frequently Asked Questions, and even User Guides to help you make your decision.

Also, be assured that we are an Australian brand, with:

  • An Australian Warranty for Consumer Protection
  • Local spare parts, advice and service when needed
  • A toll free customer service number 1300 076 268

What Our Customers Have Said

robot, pool cleaner, platypus, platypus II

Great little cleaner, easy to use and work out. This model only does floors but does a brilliant job in my 8x 3 m pool.

Stays charged for about 2 hours or more if left on in pool. Great design features. Usually I leave it to clean for an hour.

Not too heavy to lift out of water either and great price.


Pool cleaner Blue Swimmer II

Best Pool cleaner I have ever had. So simple and easy to use. Just drop it in the pool no chords or suction pipes you can safely swim with it.

Does a great job on the walls as well as the floor. Collects all the debris and easy to empty. Do yourself a favour and get one..


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More About Home Cleaning Robots

Save Time, Money and Stress With The robotzoo Collection

Robotic Vacuums

Robotic vacuums, or floor vacs, will cover interior rooms quickly and easily.
And they can work to a schedule, meaning you don’t have to be in the house while they clean.
But there are so many choices around for this type of device that it can be hard to decide which is the best for you.
That’s why robotzoo has sourced the best value home cleaning robots in this class and put our trusted name on them.

The evolution of home cleaning robots

The first generation of household floor cleaning robots were very expensive, more than $1,000.
And there were very few models to choose from, the technology was new, and components were not well integrated.
But now, there are premium brands, down to budget floor vacuums. Too many brands and models to mention!
And there are so many features and gimmicks, and the prices range very widely, so it can be difficult to decide on the right one for you.

Modern robot vacs

With modern room mapping technology, robot vacuum cleaners can reach all corners of the house.
And with ‘virtual walls’, you can stop the robot vacuum cleaners from entering or leaving a room or space.
What’s more, some even have water tanks and mopping cloths to wipe or polish the floor as well.

Features of modern robot vacs

 The following options may or may not be included in current models of floor vacs:
  • A base station, where the robotic vacuum will depart from, and return to when it is finished;
  • Automatic schedule with calendar for cleaning days of the week;
  • Sweeping brushes and rubber rollers to pick up more dust and dirt;
  • LIDAR sensors to detect obstacles like furniture and walls;
  • Smartphone control, where the phone acts as the remote;
  • Cameras to transmit images of the cleaning back to the phone;
  • ‘Virtual’ walls, and gap sensors to stop the robot going through doorways or over stairs;
  • Water tanks with mopping cloths to wipe down or polish the floor after sweeping;
  • ‘Advanced room mapping technology’, to determine the most efficient cleaning path.
  • ‘Self emptying’ into dust bins, which themselves need to be emptied regularly.

Which features are important?

Each of the features mentioned above will reflect in the price of the machine, whether it is really needed or not.
Besides, the most important thing really is how much stuff the cleaner can collect in its dustbin.
Moreover, it can be difficult for users to understand what are the best home cleaning robots for their needs.
And many people simply rely on robot floor cleaner reviews, which often point right back to the expensive brands.

Our approach to robot vacs

At robotzoo, we try to solve this problem for users by doing the research for customers.
And so what we have done is to source the best value robotic cleaners we can find, and put our name on them.
This means that our customers have the assurance of an Australian warranty and support from a responsible local supplier.
Above all, we find what we think are the best value for money robotic cleaners that will do the same job that the expensive brands will do.
And then we will put our name on the device, so users can have the confidence of a floor vac built for the Australian home.
And they get the assurance of an Australian warranty on parts and labour.

Window Cleaning Robots

Robotic window cleaners are still not very well known, despite being among the best home robots for saving time and effort.
They stick to the window using vacuum adsorption technology, and can safely get to places that are out of reach, in high places or tight spaces.
And some can connect to a smartphone app so the phone can be used as a remote.
What’s more, some even have an onboard water tank with water spray so they can wet the window as they work.

Types of robotic window cleaners


Original designs of robotic window cleaners

The original designs use rotating microfiber pads, and climb to the top of the window and work their way down, in a ‘Z’ pattern.
Finally, they end their cleaning run at the bottom of the window, and wait to be picked up.
And there’s usually a safety rope which clips on in case the cleaner is being used in a high place.
That’s in case of the risk of hitting someone if it falls off the window, which is rare, but it pays to be careful.
This type is usually good at cleaning very dirty windows because of the rotating action of the pads.

Newer designs of robotic window cleaners

These are square, and have a very low profile, which makes it easier to fit them through narrow window openings (eg. casements).
And they are able to follow ‘N’ and ‘Z’ patterns, and are usually pretty fast.
And so this type is usually good for interiors, or where there are a lot of windows to be cleaned.</div
We may be biased, but we think that robotic window cleaners are the best way to clean windows.
And you will find the best window cleaner for your place amongst our own home cleaning robots.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Swimming pools have been around for a long time, but the idea of a pool cleaner robot is relatively new.
They are quite an improvement on older pool suction vacuums, which catch debris in the shimmer box, through a small flexible hose.
Robotic pool cleaners have large rectangular inlets to catch leaves, seeds, and other debris.
robotzoo’s robotic pool cleaners are designed to leave your pool sparkling clean.
All pool owners should know that a robotic cleaner is the key to saving time and money on pool maintenance.
By using a robotic pool cleaner, you’ll keep more debris out of your pool and pool filter.
And all of our automatic pool cleaners are designed with the suction power you need to keep your pool clean.
You can spend less time cleaning your pool, and more time enjoying it with your family.

The best type of robotic cleaner for you

The best type of robotic pool cleaner for your swimming pool will depend on the pool size, and pool surface. As a guide, the:
  • Best robotic cleaner for fibreglass pool: You may want a wall climber that can crawl over ledges to the waterline. Foam rollers will help gain extra traction for this.
  • Best robotic cleaner for pebblecrete pool or quartzite pool: If you want the pool cleaner to clean the pool walls, then nylon rollers should have sufficient traction. A pool floor cleaner may also be suitable if you are prepared to scrub the walls.
  • Best robotic cleaner for vinyl Pool: A pool floor cleaner usually works best. But if you want a wall climber to clean the walls, foam rollers are recommended.
  • Best robotic cleaner for concrete pool: The choice of rollers for a wall climbing pool robot will depend on how smooth the pool surface is.

Which pool cleaner brand should you choose?

The market leaders are:
  • Maytronics, which is from Israel, (who own the Dolphin and Pentair brands,) and;
  • Fluidra (a Spanish company who own Zodiac, Jandy & Astralpool); Then,
  • Hayward (American), and a few others.
Of course, everybody in the industry has their robotic pool cleaners made or assembled somewhere in Asia.

Why should you choose robotzoo?

robotzoo is the first Australian owned brand of pool cleaning robots sold in Australia. Our suppliers are independent of the big names, but no less innovative.
We believe that our cordless pool cleaners are the best robotic pool cleaners when it comes to safety, convenience and value.
And we are currently leading the pack in battery driven pool cleaner technology. So, we say goodbye and good riddance to the power cord!
A comparison of our models against some others, including pool cleaner reviews, can be found in our articles.

Robotic Lawn Mowers

Who makes robot mowers?

Robot lawn mowers were first designed more than 30 years ago. And they have come a long way since then.
The first company to commercialise the automatic lawn mower was Husqvarna, who introduced their original models around 2005.
But it took some time for the public to adopt this new technology, but as of now there are more than 2 million robot lawnmowers in use!
And Husqvarna is still the market leader, selling robot mowers under four different brand names.
Therefore, Husqvarna has models to cover the spectrum of price points all the way from the premium to the budget markets for lawn mowing robots.
And so we must salute Husqvarna. But robotzoo is an Australian brand that has tried and tested our mowers under a range of Australian conditions.
comparison of our models against some others, including pool cleaner reviews, can be found in our articles.

What to look for

Most robotic mowers make use of a perimeter wire, or boundary wire, to define the mower cutting area.
And some have bluetooth connectivity, or like ours, even wi-fi connection to allow control and programming from a smartphone.
So when choosing a robotic lawnmower, many people will look at robot lawn mower reviews to decide on which model suits their needs best.
You should take into account:
  • Firstly, the size of your lawn.
  • Next, the topography and slope.
  • Then, how many separate sections there are;
  • What’s more, any structures or obstacles. And the location of power
  • Also, the ‘evenness’ and any potholes; and
  • And finally, of course, your budget.
At robotzoo, we’ve done this for you and you can compare robot lawn mowers by reading our articles on the website.

Why choose robotzoo?

We have sourced a range of robotic cleaners that have been around since 2005, and are now in their 5th generation of evolution.
What’s more, our models are very popular in Europe, and have established their reputation under another brand name.
And so this means that there is a depth of user and manufacturer experience that has gone into our models.
Therefore, we think they are the best robotic lawn mowers Australia deserves, in terms of features and value.
Further, we make sure that they are made to rigorous Australian Standards, and our customers will get a full replacement Australian warranty.
And our devices look great as well, the designs have form as well as function.

The Case For Home Cleaning Robots

There are so many use cases to justify a home cleaning robot. For example:
  • Productivity. To do the menial repetitive tasks thoroughly and accurately, so people can use their higher skills elsewhere.
  • Safety. To safely go places that are hard to reach, or are dangerous for people to work in.
  • Mobility. To help people who are inhibited from doing difficult chores due to injury, disability, or mobility issues.
  • Access. To get under furniture, into high window corners, or that part of the yard that is full of spiderwebs is no challenge for a robot.
  • Remoteness. To maintain properties that are mostly unoccupied, by using robots that work to a schedule.
  • Savings. To avoid the need for highly skilled labour doing low skill tasks, and redirecting them to more value-added activities.
  • Security. To have fewer strangers with access to your home, and not having to supervise people when doing their jobs.

The robots are coming

The robots are coming, it’s true! And they’re here to help around the house.
Just like your dishwasher does a menial chore for you and saves you time for the more important things in life.
Home cleaning robots are available for all kinds of household tasks.
On our site we have lots of resources on robotic cleaners to help you choose the right device. You can:  
Finally, you could just have a look at our home cleaning robot product pages for more specific technical information on our home cleaning robots.
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