Robot Zoo is the place for home robots. Household robots. Domestic robots.

Smart appliances that will do the chores. For your Floors, Windows, Pools, and Lawns.

What Makes A Home Robot?

Household Service Robots are just appliances that help take the chore out of household chores.
Like your dishwasher, which follows a program, and performs the mundane task, and frees you up to do something more interesting.

But your dishwasher can’t move around on its own, which is what makes a home service robot so special.
It’s this ability to move around safely to do its job for you which make a home robot.

What’s So Special About RobotZoo?

We source the best performing devices in their class.
We back our judgement on this with full replacement warranties to our customers :

  • 12 months warranty for the smaller devices
    (window cleaners and floor cleaners)
  • 24 months for larger devices
    (mowers & pool cleaners)

Your robots will keep working much longer than that.
So we provide all the ongoing support you need.

7 Things You Will Get From Us

  1. Familiarity. RobotZoo is locally owned.
  2. Accountability. To Australian Consumer Law.
  3. Compliance. With Australian Standards.
  4. Safety. With a RCM approved power supply.
  5. Assurance. Of Australian warranty & service.
  6. Delivery. Fast & Efficient with Australia Post.
  7. Quality. Of the best devices in each class.

Featured Robots