Your Home
Let A Robot
Do The Chores
A robot to mow the lawn for you.
Why did we name our lawn mowers after Wombats ? ... play now
Take the hard work out of your yard work.

Smart mowers that can perform on command, or according to a schedule. When they need to recharge, they find their own way back to their home station. Buffalo, Couch, or Kikuyu, they can make a fairway out of any paddock.

They’re packed with sensors, safety features, and even control via smartphone. Spend more time smelling the roses and enjoying your garden.
A robot to clean the pool for you.
Why do we call our pool cleaners Platypus and Blue Swimmer ?... play now 
Swim safely even while your pool is being cleaned.
Battery powered so there are no cumbersome cables, unlike other robots. Laboratory tested to meet stringent European and Australian Standards. Tiles, pebbles, liners, these devices can walk all over any pool surface.
Not plugged into mains power while operating, so it’s safe to swim while they work.
A robot to clean the windows for you.
Why do we call our window cleaners the Gecko and the Glider? ...
Reach easily up to high places and into tight spaces.


With a long 4m extension cord, these window cleaners can reach high & wide.
Rope with carabiner attachment makes it safe to operate them anywhere.
Ideal where there’s a large area to clean, or safety or mobility is an issue.
Indoor, outdoor, or sliding door, these robots have all kinds of windows covered.


Are you tired of having to do your windows, when you don’t have the time?
A robot to clean the floors for you.
Why do we call our floor cleaners the Bug and Beetle ? ... play now
Robot vacs can clean your floors while you’re busy.

Low profile floor cleaners that can pick up whatever settles under the sofa. Smarts like: virtual walls; step sensors; scheduled cleaning; remote control. A robot vac that has a water tank with wiping cloth to mop after it sweeps. Timber, tile, lino, or carpet, these smart cleaners can tackle it all. Dust, lint, hair, confetti, glitter, our robot vacs will pic it up.

Got a hairy pet that moults? Do you like your floors swept and mopped?
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