Are There Advantages of Robot Lawn Mowers?

Summer is around the corner, and people are starting to ask, what are the advantages of robot lawn mowers ? and, should I consider getting one?
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What is a robot lawn mower?

A robot mower is just one that can be programmed to cut grass on its own, without the need for an operator. There are some situations when an autonomous solution could be useful, and some situations when it could be wasteful. We call these situations use-cases.

The case for and against


The case against …

Like all machines, Robot mowers have their uses, but they’re not for everyone. Choosing an autonomous solution could be overkill. Consider the following:
  • An average suburban block is around 600 sqm. (from 400sqm to 1,200sqm).
  • At least 300sqm of the area will be covered by the dwelling and other surfaces.
  • This leaves around 300sqm for garden/lawn.
  • And the lawn may be across two areas, front and back.
  • There may also be grassy areas beyond the footpath to be maintained.
  • Let’s say there’s typically 200sqm of lawn to mow.
It might take 40 minutes to mow this area, plus 10 minutes to set up and 10 minutes to clean up. Say 12 times per year. In the case above, the robot solution may be too much, as these devices are rated for areas up to 1,500 to 2,000 sqm, or even more. Also, installation would come at a cost, and would be more involved if there are several separate areas.

The case for …

There are definitely scenarios where there are advantages of robot lawn mowers. Some examples may be:
  • Absentee landlords. For example a holiday home or alternative residence, where the last thing you want to do when you get there is yardwork.
  • Large areas. Away from the suburbs, in the country or semi-rural areas, there are large blocks which would either require a larger and more expensive mower, such as a ride-on.
  • Communities. There are examples of residential communities, such as stratas, where the common grassed areas are not the responsibility of individual owners, but are the responsibility of a body corporate.
  • Physically limited owners. Some people are either too frail, old or immobile to be able to maintain their own lawn areas.
  • Reliability. Automated mowers will start on time, won’t complain about the weather, and there’s no need to collect and dispose of clippings.
  • Saving Time. A lot of people will argue that they can mow their lawns faster than any device. This may be true, but any time not spent doing a task is time saved, isn’t it?
  • Energy efficiency. A lightweight battery operated mower with a small, low power motor will be more efficient than a petrol model, or a large electric mower.
  • Peace and Quiet. At under 60db, these devices are super quiet. You won’t hear them as they’re working in your garden.
  • Space Saving. The automated mowers are stowed in their charging stations, not in the garden shed or garage.
  • Conditioning. By going out regularly and just cutting the tips off the grass, the automated mowers leave these tips to mulch into and feed the lawn.
These are some advantages of robot lawn mowers. The last few we got from Of course, in the above cases, the maintenance work could be outsourced. But this comes at a cost. Also, some owners prefer to keep their privacy and control over who works on their property.


Given that grass doesn’t grow much in wintertime, any decision to go with an autonomous solution to mowing a lawn is not really a question of productivity. It’s more a question of convenience. And then there’s the question of which robot mower should I choose? For a full description of why you should consider our Wombat or Wombat Joey models, follow the links to our product pages on these models.

What does robotzoo do?

Our clever devices help households do mundane chores and maintain the floors, windows, pools and lawns.
There’s a robot for almost every chore:
  • Automatic battery driven robotic lawnmowers;
  • Cordless pool cleaning robots;
  • Frameless glass detecting robotic window cleaners; and,
  • Self-emptying robotic floor vacs.
You can confidently source them all from the one responsible local supplier with a local warranty for every device.

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