Can it clean a really dirty window?

“We haven’t cleaned this one for years!”

We’ve had a few people challenge us to prove something useful.
Like whether our window cleaners can clean a really dirty window.
We found one that hadn’t been cleaned in a few years.
This can happen when the window is out of reach, or in an awkward place.
Some windows are hard to get access to. … we hope this closes the case.

The robotzoo challenge

We get a lot of calls from people about our home robots, asking
 “Can it do this?”, “Can it do that?”.

Our robotic cleaners can’t do everything, but they are very clever. Programmable lawn mowing robots, cordless robotic pool cleaners, frameless glass detecting window cleaners, and self- emptying floor vacs are all highly versatile.

If you have a challenge for us, please get in touch and ask! We may have done it already.

If not, we’ll consider the challenge, if it’s safe to do, and demonstrates the special abilities of our robots. And if we accept, we will take a video and show it to you.

Do you want to find out more?

If you would like us to discuss the suitability of our devices to your situation, please just fill out the enquiry form below.
Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to us first, please call us on 1 3000 ROBOT. (1 3000 76268)
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