How the robotic pool cleaner can make your life easier

It’s easy to be frustrated with cleaning your pool (or to avoid it completely).
We know it can require several hours every month, and it’s never a fun task. After all, who wants more house cleaning to do? Nobody.
That’s where a swimming pool cleaner can be very helpful. Don’t pay a professional pool cleaner to regularly clean your pool.
There are many types of pool cleaners households can make use of. And that’s without it becoming expensive over time.
A pool cleaner robot is one of the most popular modern pool accessories today.
Pool robotic cleaners are an excellent investment for your pool. that’s because they do the ugly task of cleaning the pool so that you don’t have to.
Having one of the best robotic pool cleaners is almost a non-negotiable if you want to keep your pool crystal clear all year round.
You can find pool vacuum cleaners for sale either online, or at a pool shop near you.
And you can find these robotic pool cleaners Australia wide.
The advanced technology of the best robot pool cleaners allows for an incredibly efficient and quick clean. 
Every backyard pool should have one. And having a swimming pool robot cleaner conduct your routine cleaning tasks carries many benefits.
We will explore a few benefits of robotic pool vacuum cleaners in this article for you.

Cleaning Features Of Our Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaners

robotzoo robot pool cleaners come with:
  • Robust high-speed scrubbing brushes to lift dust and dirt from the surface of your pool;
  • A removable filtration basket that can collect particles and debris, and can be easily cleaned;
  • Smart programming, which in some models can be controlled by your smart device;
  • Internal battery power – a cordless pool cleaner has no messy cables to deal with.
No standard pool cleaner offers this kind of comprehensive cleaning power.
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Reduced Energy Use Of Our Pool Cleaning Robot

The best pool robot cleaner models are energy efficient:
  • They should operate on a low-voltage power supply.
  • And they avoid relying on your current pool pump or a booster pump.
  • This means using significantly less energy every time your pool cleaning robot cleans your pool.
  • And this will save you money in the long run, so your pool robotic cleaner will pay for itself.
The chargers for our cordless pool cleaners are no bigger than what’s used for a laptop computer.
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Simplicity of Operation and Maintenance

The best pool vacuum robot is one that is simple to operate and maintain:
  • You want to be able to simply put the device in the water and turn it on;
  • When it has finished cleaning, you want to be able to easily remove the device from the pool;
  • You want to avoid having to roll up hoses or cords, so a cordless pool cleaner is best;
  • It’s important that the filter baskets are easy to remove, empty, clean, and put back in place;
  • And it helps if the pool vacuum is light enough to lift in and out, and carry around.
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Taking advantage of technology

The best pool vacuum robot is one that will take advantage of modern technologies, For example:

  • Advanced motion control with gyroscopic guidance, ensuring the cleaner runs in a straight line;
  • Low cost, low voltage electronic circuitry, to reduce the cost of heavy power components.
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A 'Plug and Play' Cleaning Solution

The best part about having a robot pool cleaner is that you can let it do its job without supervision. And the best pool cleaner is one that does not need to be supervised, like our cordless models.
They don’t plug into the wall, so they are the cordless robotic pool cleaner Australia needs to have.Not only effective at cleaning your pool, but easy to use, energy saving, and ideal for all sorts of pools.
And it’s safe to swim while they are working – they won’t get in your way! A robotic pool cleaner is the ideal option for a “plug and play” device, regardless of the pool’s surface.
Set up is simple and your robotic cleaner can handle all kinds of particles and debris.
BlueSwimmerII Pool Cleaner Challenge Clean While Swimming
robotzoo offers the best pool robotic cleaners Australia can get.
We ensure that you will get crystal-clear results from your pool robot.
Whether you have been looking at the Dolphin M400, Zodiac CX35,
Hayward SharkVac, or the Poolbot b150, you can compare our models.
If you are looking for user guides for some of these models, try here.
Check out our Blue SwimmerPlatypus, and Balmain Bug models.
And have a look at the challenges they can overcome.
We’re sure that you will find that our cleaners compare very favourably.
If you’re not sure if robot cleaners are ideal for you, shoot us a question.
We’d love to chat.

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