Another 5 Reasons to Buy a Robotic Pool Cleaner

Robotic pool cleaners are the popular choice for those who want a pristine pool without all the work.
A pool cleaning robot is a quick and easy approach to keeping your pool clean and healthy.
Pool owners are using automatic pool cleaners Australia wide. Every backyard pool should have a robotic pool cleaner.
But even if you have the best automatic pool cleaner Australia can produce, there are still advantages in having a robotic pool cleaner.
So you should be looking for the best robotic pool cleaners Australia can supply. Like our Blue SwimmerPlatypus, or Balmain Bug models.
Let’s take a look at why a swimming pool robotic cleaner is such a wise purchase.

They will clean autonomously

The best automatic pool cleaner is one that works on its own, without supervision.
Robotic pool cleaners are entirely self-contained cleaners that do not rely on the pool pump.
This means they do not place any additional strain on your current filtering system or suction box.
Simply plug it in (if it is corded), turn it on, and place it into the water. That’s all there is to it!
Even better if it is a cordless robotic pool cleaner like one of ours – no need to plug into the wall.

They will clean quickly

The best pool robot cleaners Australia has ever seen are now available using modern technology.
They clean your pool more thoroughly and rapidly than a typical pool vacuum.
A Swimming pool robot cleaner will offer superb results in less time, often taking only 1-2 hours.
They are also energy efficient, using low power, and not putting extra load on the pump.
Once your pool robotic cleaner completes its cycle, simply take it from the water to enjoy your pool.
Balmain Bug Pool Cleaner Front View

They will clean thoroughly, from top to bottom

Rootzoo’s robot pool cleaners feature gyroscopic motion control technology.
This enables your pool cleaner to travel in a straight path, regardless of the incline it faces.
It also enables the cleaner to travel straight up to the waterline of your pool.
The result is a more complete clean of your pool’s surface, ensuring that no spot is missed.
You can leave your robot to do its job unsupervised, knowing that it will clean all surfaces thoroughly.
Ordinary pool vacuum cleaners can struggle to clean the vertical edges of a pool.
And they sometimes also need to be taken out of corners or off steps.
Balmain Bug Gyroscope

They won’t clean out your wallet

Although initially more expensive than suction cleaners, a pool cleaner robot is a good investment.
It will clean your pool without having to work your filtration system any harder (or even at all!).
And its economic energy efficiency means that you will pay less on your power bill.
You will save money over time by investing in a robotic pool cleaner, because it is so efficient.
And you will also enjoy the benefit of your robot’s improved cleaning capacity.
BlueSwimmer II pool cleaner foam rollers

They will clean with less upkeep and maintenance

If you want a low-maintenance pool cleaner, a robot is the way to go.
You can look forward to doing less maintenance on your current filtering system.
That’s because all of the collected debris from your robotic pool cleaner is gathered onboard.
There is no need to remember to empty the basket from your filter box as regularly.

To care for your robot:

  1. Rinse after every use (to prevent build-up of bulky debris)
  2. Empty the onboard debris-collector
  3. Inspect the brushes and tracks for trapped debris
Robotic Pool Cleaner Photo Collage

What does robotzoo do?

robotzoo offers the best pool robotic cleaners Australia can get.
We ensure that you will get crystal-clear results from your pool robot.
Whether you have been looking at the Dolphin M400, Zodiac CX35, Hayward SharkVac, or the Poolbot b150, you can compare our models.
If you are looking for user guides for some of these models, try here.
Check out our Blue SwimmerPlatypus, and Balmain Bug models.
And have a look at the challenges they can overcome.
We’re sure that you will find that our cleaners compare very favourably.
If you’re not sure if robot cleaners are ideal for you, shoot us a question.
We’d love to chat.

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