A Robotic Pool Cleaner App Is Here!

The robotic pool cleaner app for the robotzoo Balmain Bug pool cleaner is a great innovation! It’s made for pool owners who find cleaning the pool manually a tedious,  time-consuming task. 

Pool season is around the corner, and families can look forward to splashing around in a cool, refreshing pool. It’s so inviting on a hot day! But cleaning the debris, leaves, and other particles can steal your sunshine. What if you could automate your cleaning chores? Then you could spend more time getting wet!

In this article, we introduce the App that is used to pogram the cleaning schedule of the Balmain Bug robotic pool cleaner. And we show how to adjust the program of  your swimming pool cleaner. Having an App is where the automation of the chore of cleaning you swimming pool is headed. 

This article discusses and demonstrates the App for programming the Balmain Bug I and Balmain Bug II pool cleaners. The App enhances the convenience and cleaning power of the robotic cleaner. 

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Benefits of An App For Your Pool Cleaner


    • Targeted Cleaning: Innovative technology designed for pool cleaners like the robotzoo Balmain Bug I and Balmain Bug II by enhances the cleaning performance. These pool cleaners are equipped with a full-coverage running program that ensures the cleaning of both walls and floors. Or, optionally, just the walls, or just the floors.

      Along with this technology, pool cleaners have other functions, such as power detection and auto pullover.  This can play a significant role when the battery of the pool cleaner runs out while cleaning. 


    • Pool Shape and Size Optimization: The Balmain Bug I and Balmain Bug II pool cleaners can be configured to the shape and size of your pool. this is done by using a smartphone  interface.

      They can be programmed via the  smartphone interface, with options to enter the dimensions and shape of the pool to be cleaned. This allows the cleaning path to be better  optimised, and the pool cleaner to be guided according to the particular  requirements of a given pool. 


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Scanning for the device

Customization for Optimal Performance

There are different scenarios where the pool cleaners developed by robotzoo can be customized while it’s in use: 

  • Pool Shape and Size: The cordless pool cleaners Balmain Bug I and Balmain Bug II can be programmed and optimized to set the surface and dimensions for cleaning. For example, you can set the surface from the options floor only, wall only, or a mix of floor and wall.

    On the other hand, these pool vacuum cleaners look alike and can be set for dimensions, the shape of the pool, and the floor type to be cleaned. This makes them the most efficient pool cleaners in this active technological era. 
  • Floor Type: In addition to optimizing the pool’s shape and size, you can also set its floor type, such as texture and the material used on the surface.

    This can also keep the blades of the robot pool cleaner safe and provide enhanced durability through several pool cleaning sessions.

    This can also prevent you from spending a lot of money on repairs and servicing the pool cleaners during the washing sessions.
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Select Shape And Size


Your following daily chores can take up a huge chunk of the day, and pool cleaning takes up all the time, with no exceptions. This is where programmed pool cleaners come in! Here at robotzoo, we have developed the Balmain Bug lineup, automatic cleaners designed to revolutionize pool care. 

The Balmain Bug I and Balmain Bug II can significantly reduce the time and effort you spend cleaning your pool. These robots are programmed to take the hassle out of pool maintenance, giving you more free time throughout the day. 

Further, the Balmain Bug models have qualities that make them stand out. They are fast and versatile and can handle many cleaning tasks. They can be a valuable addition to support your chores. It may be the right time to ditch the manual labor and let the Balmain Bugs take care of your pool.

To support your curiosity, you can get your pool cleaner from our online store at robotzoo. Check out our collection of other robotic equipment for cleaning purposes, which can enhance your daily requirements.

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