robotzoo Challenge #62: The Window Cleaner WiFi App

robotzoo Challenge #62: The Window Cleaner WiFi App

How Useful Is the Window Cleaner WiFi App?


Our customer had a boutique in the Sydney CBD with very large and immovable display cases.
The cases were placed inside, with a narrow gap between the display case and window just like most retailers like to do.
Of course you would want this to present your brand prominently to passing traffic.
But this made it very, very challenging to keep the inside glass clean, which is important for the image of the store.
What made matters worse was that there was some water seepage due to building works.
This water seepage would leave crusty deposits on the window, which was not acceptable.
Removing these deposits in that difficult environment was a real challenge for the robotzoo Glider III.
The height of the Glider III robot window cleaner on the window is 9.5 cm, and the clearance was 10 cm.
So it was a tight fit between display case and window. Too tight for normal window cleaning equipment.
To make it more complicated, the outer window frame was unique – it was ‘reverse bevelled’.
This meant that the window cleaning robot might have potentially got stuck between this outer frame and the glass.
Usually the robot cleaner would just bounce off the edge of the window frame itself.
But the outer frame would not allow this, so we used the app to control the device.

How did we do it?

We had to send the machine up and down without getting stuck.
So we had to use the remote control to do this safely.
There is an Infrared control, but we wanted to test the App
This was a good opportunity to break out the Smartphone WiFi App.
The App comes with the robotzoo Glider III.
It’s a way of controlling the cleaning route of the device.
In this case, the window was very dirty inside.
That’s because of deposits left by building works.
And so we had to apply a decent amount of moisture to the cloth.
It was necessary to get the dried off dirt onto the cleaning cloth.
But it worked, as you can see in the video!

The Window Cleaner WiFi App Solved the Problem

The smartphone app for the robotzoo Glider III proves quite useful.
It was a tricky situation here, with the display case and frame.
It was not possible to use ‘full auto’ mode in this situation.
That’s because the window has some unusual obstructions.
Another challenge met by our clever cleaners.
Here they showed how they can get into tight spaces.
This challenge helps to show the capability of the robotic window vacuum cleaner.
This is especially true for busy shops and restaurants where clear glass is so important to their image.
The window cleaning robot can be the best window cleaner for challenging environments.
You may have been looking at robot window cleaner reviews.
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Why not compare robotzoo window cleaners?
We have the best robot window cleaner Australia has to offer.
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What does robotzoo do?

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Want to Find Out More?

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