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Window Robots From robotzoo

Window robots are robotic window cleaners that can safely reach into high places and tight spaces. They can:

  • Get to out-of-reach corners.
  • And fit in front of merchandise shelves.
  • And even do sloping and horizontal surfaces if necessary.
There are so many use cases to justify our robotic window cleaners, for example:
  • Productivity. Robots do the time consuming menial repetitive task of cleaning windows and accurately, so people can use their time skills elsewhere.
  • Safety. Robots can safely go places that are hard to reach, or are dangerous for people to work in.
  • Mobility. Many people are inhibited from doing the difficult chore of cleaning windows due to injury, disability, or mobility issues.
  • Access. Getting into high window corners, or high rise exterior windows is no challenge for a robot.
  • Remoteness. Properties that are mostly unoccupied can still be maintained well without taking up too much time of the owners.
  • Savings. By avoiding the need for highly skilled labour doing low skill tasks, and redirecting them to more value-added activities.
  • Security. By having fewer strangers with access to your home, and not having to supervise people when doing their jobs.
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Att. Category: Window Robots

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