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Robot Zoo Wombat Mower Review

Robot Zoo Wombat Mower Review - Introduction If you've been looking for an independent Robot Zoo Wombat Mower Review, look here. What we've done below is to take a sample of a review done by PCmag for another mower, and adapt it to describing the Wombat. Okay, that should take care of the acknowledgements & attributions, so here goes. What's so good about a robot mower anyway? If you're tired of paying a landscaper to cut your lawn, but don't want to spend your Saturdays pushing a lawnmower in the hot sun, let a robot do it for you. The Robot Zoo Wombat is a feature packed autonomous mowing device that can cut it when it comes to tough Australian lawns.

By |September 21st, 2018|Blog|

Robot Mower Reviews – Compare Models

Doing the research on robot mower reviews isn't easy. That's why we've done it for you. We've trawled the internet to find independent reviews of various models, including our own, where we can. There have been reviews done recently by PCmag, and by lawnmowerreview.org, which cover the major models. The table below repeats the information from PCmag, with links to the detailed reviews written by themselves and others. Where our mowers are not covered, we've written a review in the style that they would write it (just in case you think we're being biased). To find out more about our mowers see our blog about getting the Robot Zoo Wombat mower ready for summer. Do you have a

By |September 20th, 2018|Blog|

Sydney Home Show 2018

RobotZoo is showing off our clever cleaners at Sydney Home Show 2018, October 2-5. It's at the Sydney International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour. This clip gives an idea of what to expect. It may not be the biggest stand but it will be the most interesting, featuring smart autonomous cleaning machines that do the chores and clean the floors, windows, pools and lawns.  

By |September 19th, 2018|Events|

Robot Zoo Wombat Lawn Mower Ready For Summer

Getting the Robot Zoo Wombat Lawn Mower Ready For Summer This checklist has all the boxes to tick for getting the Robot Zoo Wombat lawn mower ready for summer. Check the Charging Station Check the Virtual Boundary Wire Check the Control Panel And Display With spring just around the corner, we're getting the Robot Zoo Wombat lawn mower ready for summer. Winter has been cold and dry, with little growth to the grass, and sitting in their charging stations, conserving their energies have been our Wombat and Wombat Joey mowers. Things are stirring, and we can now see the the Robot Zoo Wombat lawn mower ready for summer, ready for some spinning around. There's just a bit of preparation to do: Check the Charging Station

By |August 30th, 2018|Events|

RobotZoo Challenge #27: The FORM + DESIGN Window Cleaning Demo

What was the FORM + DESIGN window cleaning demo challenge? Okay, we had to speed things up a little to show it in 30 seconds. don't blink or you might miss them crawling all over the windows. But any deadline can be met with time-lapse photography! Why did we attempt the challenge? We went past FORM + DESIGN and we really liked their shop. But the windows needed a good clean, inside and out. The folks there were a little skeptical at first. Their shop window is so big, and our Gecko and Glider window cleaners are so small! Never mind, we and they were up for a challenge. The windows hadn't been done for a while so there was a

By |August 26th, 2018|Events|

When To Consider An Autonomous Or Robot Lawn Mower

Are There Advantages of Robot Lawn Mowers? Summer is around the corner, and people are starting to ask, what are the advantages of robot lawn mowers ? and, should I consider getting one? What is a robot lawn mower? A robot mower is just one that can be programmed to cut grass on its own, without the need for an operator. There are some situations when an autonomous solution could be useful, and some situations when it could be wasteful. We call these situations use-cases. What’s the case for and against robot lawn mowers? The case against ... Like all machines, Robot mowers have their uses, but they’re not for everyone. Choosing an autonomous solution could be overkill. Consider the

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