The Impact of Lawnmowers On Our Urban Environment

Combustion Engine Lawnmowers Are A Great Invention.
But they collectively burn a lot of fossil fuels (petrol), and petrol mowers contribute up to 5% of all air pollution, according to government sources.
We discovered some research produced by the US Environmental Protection Authority. It claimed that in one hour of use, a petrol lawnmower created the same emissions of at least 10 cars, and that lawnmowers collectively could contribute up to 5% of all air pollution.
Surprised by this finding? So were we! We unearthed research from the Australian Government Department of Environment that corroborated these claims. In Europe, where householders are acutely conscious about such things, there is a revolution going on to replace petrol operated garden equipment with electric ones. For example, there are now more than 1.5 million battery driven robotic lawnmowers running around Europe.
Europeans love their robotic mowers like our robotzoo Wombats because:
  • They don’t use petrol
  • They don’t contribute to air pollution
  • They don’t make (hardly) any noise to disturb the neighbours
  • They don’t cost (hardly) anything to charge & run
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