Features of all robotzoo mowers compared

Headline Features:

A list of key differentiating features of our various models of lawn mowers.

A guide to understanding which mower would be best for a yard of given size. A larger yard will require a larger mower, with a more powerful battery and wider cutting deck, possibly with advanced scheduling features. And smaller yards can be serviced by simpler, smaller mowers, without all the advanced features, which are less expensive.

Key FeaturesWombat JnrWombat Joey IIWombat III
RobotZoo Wombat Junior Robotic Lawnmowerrobot mower robot mower
Price$924$1,298 $1,496
Working Area (m²)800±20%1800±20%3000±20%
Cutting height Adj.ManualElectronicManual
Cutting width (cm)202134
Maximum Incline28˚30˚28˚
Weight-Net (Kg)8.51410
Battery Capacity (Ah)
Warranty (years)122

Capacity (size) Features:

It is useful to understand the maximum capacity features of each model of lawnmower, in order to ‘right-size’ the device  for the environment it will be working in.
CapacityWombat JnrWombat Joey IIWombat III
One charge (m²)250±20%600±20%1000±20%
Working (m²)800±20%1800±20%3000±20%
Perimeter (m)600
Cutting height (cm)2.5-5.52.5-5.52.5-5.5
Cutting width (cm)202134

Power Features:

Larger mowers that are designed for bigger jobs, will require more powerful electric motors, and higher capacity batteries or power these motors.
PowerWombat JnrWombat Joey IIWombat III
Battery TypeLithiumLithiumLithium
Battery Capacity (Ah)
Battery Power (Volts)29.4/2429.4/2429.4/24
Rated Power (Watts)5085140
Working (hrs)≤.75≤3≤2.5

SetUp Features:

There are many adjustable settings available to tailor the setup of the mower to the specific requirements of the installation.
SetUp/AdjustmentWombat JnrWombat Joey IIWombat III
Cutting heightManualElectronicManual
Language option

Time set-up


Subarea setting



LED display

Emergency Stop

Working Time Schedule


The on-board sensors, and the programming that employs the signals from these sensors determine the actions or behaviour of the device is what makes it a ‘robot’.
Sensors/AlarmsWombat JnrWombat Joey IIWombat III

Bump - Side

Bump - Front




Anti theft

Auto Features:

The autonomous behaviour of the device is assisted by a range of programmed automation features.
Auto FeaturesWombat JnrWombat Joey IIWombat III
Auto recharge

Intelligent spiral

Go straight

Follow Perimeter

Stop on Power Fail

Stop on line cut

Operating Limits:

The operating limits of the device are a factor in deciding which device is most suitable for a given installation.
Operating LimitsWombat JnrWombat Joey IIWombat III
Noise Limit (dB)≤73≤60≤73
Temp. Limit (℃)404040
Speed (metres/min)163520
Blade Rotation (rpm)300030003200
Water Resistant


The dimensions of the device are a factor in shipping and transportation
DimensionsWombat JnrWombat Joey IIWombat III
Carton Size-LWH (cm)59*42*2752*39*2774*59*32
Mower Size-LWH (cm)52*38*2452*39*2760*53*27
Station Size-LWH (cm)60*50*3044*48.2*1560*53*27
Weight-Gross (Kg)111715
Weight-Net (Kg)8.51410


The specifications of all items included with the device in its original packaging.
IncludedWombat JnrWombat Joey IIWombat III
Charging Station111
Boundary Wire (m)100100100
Wire Pegs100100100
Wire Connectors10
Power Adapter (Ah)242
Adapter Cable (m)444
Station Pegs645
Blades (Qty.)336
Extra Blades333

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