Welcome to the RobotZoo Community

RobotZoo Community

Who’s who in the RobotZoo community?

The RobotZoo community consists of our Friends, Members, Wranglers, Keepers, and Patrons.

Anyone can become a Friend of the Zoo.

Just let us know about you, either by getting in touch directly, or through social media. Being a Friend just means that you’re open to see our posts or hear special announcements. We won’t bug you (no pun), but if you’re a facebook friend for example, you can follow our progress, and find out if we’re exhibiting at a festival or fair near you.

Become a member when you own a bot.

Anyone who takes home one of our bots automatically becomes a Member of the zoo. This is so we can keep in touch and help your bot live a long and productive life. We may want to send you something to recognise your bot’s anniversary, or to keep enough information to recognise the botcare warranty we offer on all our bots.

Benefits for Friends and Members.

We don’t just want to recognise Friends and Members either, we want to be able to give them benefits. We have some ideas about this, so if you are a Member or Friend, then stay tuned. But we’re also open to suggestions for our community on how to do this too. Let us know what you’d like to see us do.

Growing the community. Wranglers, Keepers and Patrons.

Wranglers, Keepers and Patrons are just other levels of Robot Zoo community members. These include  referrers, re-sellers, and partners. Our community model delivers benefits to everyone. Please feel free to get in touch with us if your would like to find out more. We’d be happy to talk.