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If you are a pool maintenance professional, we think we get you … How much time are you spending on the road? How hard is is to find and keep customers? It’s hard enough to cover the territory, get from one place to another on time and fit a few jobs in.

Let alone maintain the tools, manage the bills, and follow up with existing & new customers.
If you’ve got so much work on that you can’t take on any new jobs, then that’s great, isn’t it? … Or is it?

Would it be nice if you could visit each customer half as often, and still deliver the same results? Would it be nice to spend a fraction of the time on site, so you can take care of other issues that they value twice as much as just having the pool cleaned, like maintaining the pool area, and attending the equipment? Would it be nice to make a little extra by offering your customer appliances that help maintain their home, including lawn mowers,  window cleaners, floor cleaners, and of course, our pool cleaners?

We think we have a way for you to get more value from your existing customer relationships, and to find new customers for you in your area. To find out more, please read on.

Know Your Customer

At robotzoo, we’re obsessed about knowing the customer. That’s why we map out a locality, find out as much as we can about the households there, and only approach the households that we know have a need for our devices.

As an example, have a look at our map of Gladesville, Putney & Tennyson Point in Sydney, at the right.

Combined, there is a population of more than 17,000 residents, living amongst 145 or so streets. There are at least 2,600 houses, and most of the houses have some lawn to mow. Also, 40% of the houses in Gladesville, Putney & Tennyson Point have swimming pools – that’s more than 1,000 pools!

From this data, we were able to filter about 250 high value prospective households who might have a latent need for our devices. It means we didn’t waste time and money on 2,200 unlikely leads!


Leverage Your Customer Connections

These days it’s all about being connected with your customer. For example, does your customer also have a lawn that needs mowing?  … maybe they could use one of our amazing battery driven lawn mowers.

You could earn a commission in that as well. We also have robotic window cleaners, and floor vacs in our lineup as well.

If people want to get their equipment from big hardware stores, and end up paying for all the overheads in their ticket price, that’s fine. But our mission here at robotzoo is to give households the opportunity to have the best in robotics at the right price.

Own Your Local Market!

If you work with us, we can do a joint mail out to households in the area you service, filtered and targeted at those who we can identify who have pools. We can also identify all the houses that have lawns, and those that just have improved properties. 

Furthermore, we are able to get the surnames (, and even the phone numbers) of the residents. If you can create a personal connection with more households in the areas you service, you can win! If we can be seen as partnering with a trusted local service provider, it’s good for us too.

Work with Us, And Win!

If your customer installs a Robotzoo pool cleaner, then we will give you a generous commission as a reseller. Talk to us about the terms. Your job will become easier and more productive, because you don’t need to be on site as regularly or for as long. That means fewer hours wasted on the road as well!

Once it’s installed, you will just be checking that the device is doing its job well. And maybe you can do other things that the customer will really notice and value.


Your relationship with your customer is valuable. Don’t take it for granted. What you do for them is to solve the problem of how to keep their pools looking nice.

But they have other problems as well. Lawns, windows, floors. Problems that you can help solve as their trusted advisor. You can strengthen your relationship by doing this.

Solving problems for homeowners is what we do too. We can provide the tools and equipment to do this, with the protection of an Australian warranty. robotzoo is a responsible Australian supplier whose mission is to assure households with the best in robotic appliances to reduce their chores.

Do you want to find out more?

If you would like to discuss the potential of being an industry professional reseller for our devices, please just fill out the enquiry form below. Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to us first, please call us on 1 3000 ROBOT. (1 3000 76268)

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