Getting the RobotZoo Wombat Lawn Mower Ready For Summer

This checklist has all the boxes to tick for getting the RobotZoo Wombat lawn mower ready for summer.

  1. Check the Charging Station
  2. Check the Virtual Boundary Wire
  3. Check the Control Panel And Display

With spring just around the corner, we’re getting the RobotZoo Wombat lawn mower ready for summer. Winter has been cold and dry, with little growth to the grass, and sitting in their charging stations, conserving their energies, have been our Wombat and Wombat Joey mowers.

Things are stirring, and we can now see the the Robot Zoo Wombat lawn mower ready for summer, ready for some spinning around. There’s just a bit of preparation to do:

Check the Charging Station

  1. Is the Home Button working?
    After properly connecting everything, pressing the Home Button will automatically return the mower to its charging station.
  2. Is the Charging Light working?
    After properly connecting everything, when the mower is charging, the Charging Light will be red. When the mower is fully charged it will be green.
  3. Is the Virtual Wire Light working?
    After properly connecting everything, and if the virtual wire is cut, the Virtual Wire Light will be red. Otherwise it will be colourless.
  4. Is the DC Power Terminal plugged in?
    Is the power supply DC plug screwed in to the charging station? Is the power supply plugged into the wall? Is the power switched on? 
  5. Are the Virtual Wire terminals connected?
    The Red terminal is positive (+). the Black terminal is negative (-). It’s also important to run the virtual wire properly around the Charging Station. 
  6. Are the Charging Station Heads screwed in properly?
    The Charging Station heads are what transfer charge to the mower. They need to be connected properly.
  7. Are the Charging Station Pegs holding down the station?
    The Charging Station Pegs hold the station firm on the lawn surface.  It is important that the Charging station does not move around.

Check the Virtual Boundary Wire

The virtual boundary wire should be laid (or buried) with a spacing of around 40cm from the edge of the lawn (see the diagram below). This is to allow the mower to automatically follow the boundary wire back to the charging station when it needs to recharge.

On first installation, it’s recommended to peg the boundary wire on top of the grass, using the Virtual Boundary Wire Pegs. This is to get the distances right between the edge and the wire. Once happy with the distances, the Virtual Boundary wire can be buried, using an edge cutter to score a groove in the lawn surface.

Robot Mower Boundary Wire Plan

  1. Is the wire lifting above the lawn?
    Be sure that the wire doesn’t lift so high that it can be cut by the mower blades . Peg it down using the wire pegs (pictured). Or consider burying the wire under the lawn surface.
  2. Is the wire cut or broken?
    Maybe the mower has already cut the wire. In this case, simply use the wire joiners to reconnect the broken ends, and then insulate with electrical tape.Robot Lawn Mower Wire Set from RobotZoo

Check the Control Panel And Display

The Robot Mower Control Panel has a number of useful buttons (see the image below):

  1. Auto Mode Control
    Activates the mower in automatic mode.
  2. Control Panel Display
    Displays the current settings of the mower.
  3. Emergency Stop Button
    Stops and turns off mower when pressed.
  4. Menu Forward Button
    Move to next option on the menu.
  5. Menu Select Button
    Select the current option on the menu.
  6. Menu Back Button
    Move to previous option on the menu.
  7. Rain Sensors
    Detect the presence of rain.
  8. Home Button
    Activates the mower in ‘home’ mode.

The Control Panel Display shows a number of symbols:

A.   Charging Station Symbol
        Indicates Charging Station On
B.   Working Schedule Symbol
        Indicates Schedule on/off
C.   Rain Sensor Symbol
        Indicates rain sensors on/off
D.   Compass
        Electronic compass helps mower to go straight on inclines
E.   Line Symbol
       When Schedule feature is used, the mower will do one lap of the perimeter
F.   N/A

G.   Pressure Sensor
       Indicates if (downward) Pressure Sensor activated
H.  Touch Sensor
       Indicates if (handle) Touch Sensor activated
I.    Auto Mode
       Indicates if in Auto mode
J.   Battery Voltage
       Indicates current voltage
K.  Month / Year
       Date display MM / YY
L.  Day of Week
       Indicates day of week
M. Hour:Minute
       Time display hh:mm

If you would like to see a comparison of the Robot Zoo mowers with other models from Husqvarna, Landroid, Worx and RoboMow, see our blog on Robot Mower Reviews. Also, for more videos, please see our YouTube Channel.