We like a challenge!

Every so often we like to give our clever window cleaners a challenge. A robot window cleaning challenge. We call this the RobotZoo Challenge. You may have seen our YouTube, Facebook or Instagram posts.

If not, and for the benefit of browsers on our website, here’s a collection:

Showing off the RobotZoo Glider

A show reel featuring the RobotZoo Glider window cleaner

Showing off the RobotZoo Gecko

A show reel featuring the RobotZoo Gecko window cleaner

How easy is it to use?

Watch Kristin get the RobotZoo Glider unpacked and working in 60 seconds!

Which one is faster?

The RobotZoo Gecko & RobotZoo Glider face off to see which one gets the job done quicker!

But can it clean a really dirty window?

We get asked this question a lot …

Can it fit between my shop display and the window?

Not something we were were asked, but found out when we did this demo.

Can it clean my shop window in 30 seconds?

Alright, we can’t do it in 30 seconds. Only if we speed up the video.

Can it clean a horizontal surface?

To be fair, we didn’t know until we did this demonstration.

Can it clean a really BIG window?

The RobotZoo Glider window cleaner easily crosses the silicon joints in this large window.