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We thought you might have some questions. So here are some answers to the most common ones:

Some Common Questions About: Window Cleaners2019-01-21T12:28:18+10:00

Our customers ask some interesting questions as they overcome their concerns about whether the bots will work for them. Here are just a few:

Can I get an On-Site Demonstration?

Frank, who lives in Melbourne, asks if we can come out to his place and demonstrate the window cleaners. Well we are an eCommerce business based in Sydney so that’s not really possible. There’s a shop in St. Leonards, Sydney who will happy do a demo for you, and you can purchase directly from them as well.

Will you come and clean my windows for me?

Err, sorry we don’t do that.

My device stopped before completing its run.

This can happen, especially when the devices are new or the windows are a bit sticky if they haven’t been cleaned before. The device think it has reached the end of its run. The solution is to press one of the continue buttons on the remote control. The device will eventually ‘learn’ to do the whole window. Don’t press the start button, that will just make it go back to the top of the window again, and it will probably stop at the same place again. Adding a bit of moisture to the cleaning pads will also help keep the device moving in this situation.

The device is getting stuck in one place.

Windows can have ‘patches’ that are ‘stickier’ (have more surface tension) than normal. It happens for example when smoke settles on a part of the window that is moist. The cleaners can get ‘stuck’ in these patches. the solution is to add moisture to the pads so that the surface tension friction is reduced, and the device can move along. Once the window has been cleaned, the running should be a lot smoother.

The device is leaving smudges on the window

This can happen if the window is really dirty to start with, or if the cleaning pads are dirty before they are used. The solution is to simply change the cleaning pads and send the device around again. It should be able to remove the smudges second time around. Also, don’t wait so long to clean the windows next time. After all, the device is there to be used.

Won’t the cleaners scratch my window?

Well Maria, the cleaners use microfiber pads that are gentle on the glass surface, and avoid scratching the windows. The following clip shows the Gecko cleaning a window that hadn’t been done in about 5 years: RobotZoo Challenge #18: Did someone say they’d like to see it clean a really dirty window?

Does it only wipe the window or spray & wipe?

Maria asked this one as well. The window cleaners do not contain spray or any liquids. Moisture can be added to the microfiber pads directly. Or it can sprayed on the windows if they are particularly dirty. Usually the only reason to add moisture is to assist with traction:
  • Windows that are very dirty can create too much friction, and cause the devices to struggle.
  • Windows that are very clean can cause too little friction, and cause the devices to slip.
… a little water is the solution to everything!


How do I become a ‘Friend of RobotZoo’?2017-10-30T07:48:23+10:00

Friends of RobotZoo are part of the community we support

Just let us know about you, either by getting in touch directly, or through social media, and we can be friends. Being a friend just means that you’re open to see our posts or hear special announcements. We won’t bug you (no pun), but for example if you’re a friend on facebook , you can follow our progress, and find out if we’re exhibiting at a festival or fair near you.

Its  easy. Like us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Go to our community page and fill out the form. Send us an email. We’ll friend you.

Which model is right for me?2017-11-14T09:19:23+10:00

How to choose which model fits your needs

The bots come in different sizes, large and small. Which model you need depends on which job you want done. Sometimes bigger isn’t always better, as smaller models can get into smaller spaces (like under furniture). Sometimes bigger is better, as larger models have more capacity and may get the job done faster. Some people like simpler things, and some people like a lot of extra features. The model that’s right for you is the one that gets the job done the way you want it done. RobotZoo tries to offer at least two choices in each category:

One entry level choice for those people who are price sensitive. Or those who don’t know a lot abut all the different features available. This is because we want you to have the opportunity to own something equivalent to the entry level devices offered elsewhere.

Another high spec device that has all the important features a bot needs to do the job like a pro. This is because sometimes you shouldn’t send a toy bot to do a big bot’s job.

Are the bots safe?2017-10-29T10:01:25+10:00

Safety is our priority!

We select our bots for quality, reliability and safety. And the built in safety features are truly impressive! For example finger guards and lift sensors on the lawn mowers, backup batteries and safety ropes on window cleaners, and battery operated pool cleaners.

Also, all our bots comply with domestic electrical and product safety standards. Try getting that from Ebay, Amazon, or Alibaba!

Am I protected with a warranty?2017-11-13T22:37:07+10:00

Of course you get warranty protection!

RobotZoo provides a warranty protection on all our devices.We stand by our bots. On the smaller ones, it’s for one year. And for the larger, more expensive ones, it’s longer. Try getting that form Ebay, Alibaba or Amazon!

Sometimes bots can  misbehave, as if they have a mind of their own, but they should all perform. If you think your bot is misbehaving then please contact us via our support page.

Can I get help to fix an item that I didn’t source from Robot Zoo?2017-10-29T09:37:33+10:00

My bot is not a RobotZoo device!

Sorry, this is what you have to think about before you purchase your bot from Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, etc. We will fix any RobotZoo device. And we’ll do it for free when under warranty. That’s what we’re here for.

Can I pick-up my item from a RobotZoo warehouse?2017-10-29T07:17:57+10:00

What about pick-up?

RobotZoo doesn’t offer pick-up as an option. And because we only sell online, we try to keep order fulfilment at RobotZoo very organised. Pick-ups hardly ever seem to go to plan. Also, we’ve secured good deals on shipping with well organised national eCommerce fulfilment services, such as AusPost and StarTrack.

Does Robot Zoo offer discounts?2017-10-29T07:05:13+10:00

Do we offer discounts?

Not on this site. Not for new items. Our prices are very competitive anyway. Also, you’re assured to get an approved power supply, a RobotZoo warranty, access to support, ongoing replaceable parts and consumable items. Hence no discounts. You might find a reconditioned, returned, or second hand item cheaper elsewhere, maybe on our Ebay store.

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