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robotzoo Floor Cleaning Robots

Bug II


With Improved Ergonomic Design

How could we improve on the Bug? By making it even smarter.

A smartphone app for programming of scheduled cleaning and remote control.

Smart object detection with an advanced 2D depth ranging camera.

Automatic recharging through ranging and detection of its charging station.

The bug has evolved with the introduction of new intelligent technologies. 



Thin Enough To Get Under The Sofa

With a low 6.5cm height profile, three speed action, and remote control.

The little bug can get in, around as well as under furniture and other tight spaces.

This is the most simple of the robotzoo family of robotic floor sweepers.
But it still has all with the necessary features that are needed to get the job done.




With Water Tank To Mop Up After It Sweeps

Light and easy to use, anytime, on demand.

The robust Beetle has a large dust bin, a water tank for mopping after it sweeps.

As well as “virtual wall” and a base station for automatic recharging.

The beetle has all it needs to be on call 24/7.

robotzoo floor cleaning robots

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