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Here we post feedback from real robotzoo customers who leave their opinions about their about their choice of device.
Our customers come from Frankston in the south to Townsville in the north, from Cottesloe Beach in the west, to Coogee Beach in the east.
Something they all share is a problem solved by their robotzoo clever cleaners. Thanks to those who have provided their feedback.
Some of the challenges met by our smart robotic devices include:
If you have a challenge for our clever cleaners, let us know. We may like to take you up on it!
Meanwhile, feel free to browse through the following reviews…

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Blue Swimmer II Foam Roller Pool Cleaner Reviews

  1. Paul Bradley

    at product and great customer service. Would definitely recommend. Don't know how we did without it!.

Blue Swimmer II Pool Cleaner Reviews

  1. charles

    I recently had a problem with my pool robot. How companies deal with things when they go wrong is often the best measure of their character and relationship with the client base. Paul was very helpful, providing return postage capability for it to be examined. It was a tricky issue but the folks at Robotzoo stuck at it until they found the issue and promptly returned the robot. It was such a different experience than I have had when having repairs done on other appliances. They were very helpful and kept me informed of progress. My robot is back in the pool for summer and doing a great job.
  2. Jim Davidson

    Great product and great customer service. Would definitely recommend. Don't know how we did without it!.
  3. Kelsey

    It’s performing very well in my 60,000 l pool with plenty of leaves coming in and it’s certainly powerful enough to keep it clean. It’s much more convenient without a cable and caddy to manage. My last one was zodiac v4 and I much prefer this one.
  4. Kylie

    We got the Blue Swimmer II about 6 weeks is absolutely brilliant!!. Previously we had a Dolphin cleaner, but after 5 years the power lead deteriorated. When I was looking for a new cleaner, Blue Swimmer II looked fantastic & much better with no cords. I called Robotzoo & spoke to Paul, he was so helpful & informative. After detailing to Paul the size & finish of our pool, he recommended the foam roller Blue Swimmer. It is absolutely brilliant & glides along the pool & up the walls picking up all the dirt, leaves etc. The Blue Swimmer II gives fantastic, thorough clean everytime, easy to easy use, charge & clean. Highly recommended to anyone + the service from Paul from brilliant!.
  5. Charles

    A terrific investment! Early days but the way the swimmer climbed the walls and scubbed the tiles might mean that I have more time to other stuff!. Gets around the pool quickly and seems to get into and out of corners and tricky places better than 007.
  6. Oliver Spiers

    I've known Paul for a long time and this is the primary reason why I just purchased a Blue Swimmer II. I sent a text to Paul on Friday afternoon, asked a few questions and then placed my order straight away. I live in Woodend in country Victoria.....I received my new robot today (Monday) at 1pm (less than 3 days delivery and OVER A weekend). How Paul got it posted here so quickly I will never know! I took it out of the box (Paul has pre-charged before shipping) and chucked it in the pool. Two hours later, I had a sparking clean pool and I once had to touch the cleaner. It's sitting on my deck now happily charging. Here's the thing. If I would have seen this website without knowing Paul, I may not have ordered the robot. I thoroughly researched the market for a pool cleaner before coming back to Paul - he was always my first choice but I wanted to see what else is out there. The answer? Nothing that come close to the Blue Swimmer II. Paul is the reason I buy from him and he is backed by quality products. Do yourself a favour and do not hesitate to rely on Paul to provide a great product with personal service. I know if I ever have an issue he will solve for me. If you ever get the chance, ask Paul how he started out in the Robot-business. It's impressive and will give you an idea of how invested he is the quality of his products.
  7. Eco Blue

    Another Blue Swimmer 11 installed in a Strata Property in Zetland. Painted Epoxy surface. Doing a great job in a difficult environment. Owners and Committee are over the moon. Eco Blue Pools.
  8. Stephen E

    We have an enclosed pool with a Vergola roof so we get dust but no leaves in our pool which we use year round. We received our Blue Swimmer a week ago and have used it twice and the pool is as clean as when it was new! Great product! Switch it on and watch it go!
  9. Ren

    Got the blue swimmer two a couple weeks ago and use it every day in our pool. Had a dolphins e10 prior that wouldn’t even climb walls. The dolphin died recently and i was in need of a new submersible power lead (deteriorated and crumbly) a wireless system seemed a no brainer. I made the right choice. 2 hours, heaps of power and the whole pool is clean (walls and steps too) I can’t fault it yet. Also Paul at Robotzoo has been really awesome to deal with for sales (no need for support, worked straight out of box) no more twisted cables and no more floating debris stuck to a cord dangling in the water. If you think it sounds like a great idea. That’s because it really is. Build quality is also spot on. Go on, take a leap from “normal” and get a step ahead. The big brands are all about to do the same at three times the price.
  10. Murray

    We are a professional Pool service company who service 5 million Litres of pool water every week. When we added the foam rollers to the Blue Swimmer11 it went like a rocket on Glass Mosaics. We get a bit more than 2 hours from a charge and that does a great job on a 300KL pool including the waterline. Murray
  11. Harry Peacock

    Best Pool cleaner I have ever had. So simple and easy to use. Just drop it in the pool no chords or suction pipes you can safely swim with it. Does a great job on the walls as well as the floor. Collects all the debris and easy to empty. Do yourself a favour and get one..

Blue Swimmer II Nylon Roller Pool Cleaner Reviews

  1. Jim Davidson

    Great product and great customer service. Would definitely recommend. Don't know how we did without it!.

Balmain Bug I Pool Cleaner Reviews

  1. Peter Higginbotham

    I have 16m by 2m lap pool and I purchased the Balmain Bug not certain as to how it would perform. It has however exceeded my expectations and is a great pool cleaner. You just turn it on, put it in the pool and it runs all over the pool for 90mins. When finished after 90min you just hook it out ,clean the basket and recharge the battery. No electric cords. Great product. - Peter Higginbotham

Pool Cleaner Battery Pack – All Models Reviews

  1. pool maintenance cost

    It's easy to fall into the idea of throwing a weekend party, adopting an invigorated exercise routine that involves laps after work, or spending all day lounging by the pool while attempting to achieve the perfect tan.But during those fantasies, one of the most important aspects of owning a pool is frequently neglected: maintenance. The pool may become ugly due to lack of maintenance. It's not a wise idea to abandon a pool with old filters. These suggestions can aid you in starting your summer with a bang, regardless of whether you're a first-time owner or an experienced keeper.

Platypus II Pool Cleaner Reviews

  1. Tony

    We are facility managers at 5 complexes that have pools, 4 x indoor about 35,000lts; 1 x outdoor 170,000lts. we bought 2 x Platypus 11 and 1 x Blue swimmer. tried them both in three pools, following is our results of using the robots. The Blue swimmer is good and does clean the walls, it does use quite some time on the walls. We think we will use this one say once every 4-6 weeks in all the pools, it did not clean the deposits above waterline, we would need to put extra water in the pool prior to cleaning to enable Blue swimmer rollers to get up at the above water line deposit. But the Platypus 11 went so well on the floors of the pools that we have now bought 5 of them, to keep one at each pool location. very happy with the performance at all the pools, including the large outdoor pool. so turn on, drop into water and away it goes for about 2 hours. take out, drain, clean filter, let dry before charging, charge it ready for next use. The great thing is its really so easy to use instead of plugging the hose into filter basket and hooking up a Creepy or hand held. you will not believe how easy it is, and when time is money a good investment. we also bought 5 x extending Boat hooks from a marine shop to allow us to get at the floating handle to pull in to pool edge and out of water.
  2. James McKinlay

    I bought the Platypus 11 recently after taking with Paul . Fantastic cleaner , so good on the walls . So easy to use and clean after use .I’ve been recommending it to family and friends with pools .
  3. Bronwyn

    I love this little robot. I have a lot of debris in my inground pool from gumtrees. This cleaner picks up large gum leaves, twigs, gum nuts, worms, everything. I had a $1500 robotic cleaner that died after 6 years, and this Platypus II does a better job in less time. I didn't want a cleaner to waste time on the walls as I have so much debris on the floor from all the wind we have been having so I rang Paul from Robotzoo to discuss my needs and he recommended the Platypuss II and I am so happy with his recommendation.
  4. Faith Robinson

    Great little cleaner, easy to use and work out. This model only does floors but does a brilliant job in my 8x 3 m pool. Stays charged for about 2 hours or more if left on in pool. Great design features. Usually I leave it to clean for an hour. Not too heavy to lift out of water either and great price.
  5. Murray

    We operate a commercial pool cleaning business and after purchasing one for myself I have purchased one for each truck. Easy to use , being battery operated means I can put it in and get onto other tasks.

Beetle Floor Cleaner Reviews

  1. Dianne Balkizas

    I was looking for a robotic floor cleaner that would gather dirt from the kitchen, including some dog hair. The robot zoo is an inexpensive model that does the job! It maps the floor after a few times and gathers the dirt well. It is easy to clean and packs away neatly. Great machine for this busy area of the house and at a reasonable cost compared to other machines on the market.

Wombat Junior I Lawn Mower Reviews

  1. Terry Murphy

    Before selecting my mower I spent time on line and in retail stores checking to find the mower best suited to my needs. The mower I selected, the Wombat Joey from Robotzoo, has lived up to my expectations. The technical support from the company was freely available and easy to follow. A great DIY project.
  2. Gavin Brown

    Great mower. Very easy to install and i haven't mowed the back lawn since I installed it.

Wombat Joey II Lawn Mower Reviews

  1. Bruce Ferabend

    The lawnmower is a nice little unit that works well. Customer service is excellent, very prompt and helpful. The iPhone app has a few more functions than the Android app but both have the required scheduling for days of the week and the area to be cut. My lawn had holes(due to ducks digging in it) that needed filling so front wheel does not get caught but it would reverse out of smaller holes. The offset of 40 cms recommend for boundary wire could be closer to objects, so less edging required, so 30 to 35 cms would be a better setting.

What does robotzoo do?

Our clever devices help households do mundane chores and maintain the floors, windows, pools and lawns.

There’s a robot for almost every chore:

  • Automatic battery driven robotic lawnmowers;
  • Cordless pool cleaning robots;
  • Frameless glass detecting robotic window cleaners; and,
  • Self-emptying robotic floor vacs.

You can confidently source them all from the one responsible local supplier with a local warranty for every device.

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