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On this page, we answer a lot of common home robot questions, And you can follow the links below to our articles if you want to learn more. Or do you specifically have questions about our clever devices for maintaining your floors, windows, pools or lawns See our blog posts or follow our youtube channel for informative and interesting HowTo articles and videos. There’s much to see about the capabilities of our devices. Even online user guides that you can read. Contact robotzoo for advice about your special situation or circumstances:

How Do I Program The Pool Cleaner?

How Do I Set Up The Mower?

Our home cleaning robots come in various sizes, large and small

You will notice when browsing through our product pages, that we have at least two variants of each type of device. The model that best suits you own needs will depend on the job that needs to be done. Sometimes bigger isn’t always better, as smaller models can get into smaller spaces (like under furniture). Sometimes bigger is better, as larger models have more capacity and may get the job done faster. Some people like simpler things, and some people like a lot of extra features, like a smartphone WiFi App to control or program their device.

One model for big jobs, one for small

robotzoo tries to offer at least two choices in each category:
  • One entry level choice for those people who are price sensitive. Or those who don’t know a lot abut all the different features available. This is because we want you to have the opportunity to own something equivalent to the entry level devices offered elsewhere.
  • Another high spec device that has all the important features a bot needs to do the job like a pro. This is because sometimes you shouldn’t send a toy bot to do a big bot’s job.

Safety is our priority

We select our robotic cleaners for quality, reliability and safety, and aesthetic values as well.
And safety features are truly impressive! For example:
  • finger guards and lift sensors on the robot lawn mowers;
  • backup batteries and safety ropes for robot window cleaners, and;
  • internal battery driven cordless pool cleaners that don’t plug into the wall when being used.
Also, robotzoo complies fully with Australian consumer protection legislation, and provides an Australian warranty.
We warrant that all our household robots conform to domestic electrical and product safety standards.
Be careful when buying a robot on Ebay, Amazon, or Alibaba! Overseas suppliers are not obliged to provide these protections.
And unfortunately many domestic suppliers ignore these standards, either wilfully, or out of negligence.

How can I fix my robot cleaner?

This is what you have to think about before you purchase your robot from places like Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, etc.
We will service any RobotZoo device. And we’ll do it for free when under warranty. That’s what we’re here for.
Sometimes, we find that what seems like an issue with the device is only a question of how it is being used.
You could try looking up some of our articles, or YouTube videos to see if your situation is resolved there.

My device stopped before completing its run.

This can happen, especially when the devices are new or the windows are a bit sticky if they haven’t been cleaned before.
The device think it has reached the end of its run. The solution is to press one of the continue buttons on the remote control.
The device will eventually ‘learn’ to do the whole window.
Don’t press the start button, that will just make it go back to the top of the window again, and it will probably stop at the same place again.
Adding a bit of moisture to the cleaning pads will also help keep the device moving in this situation.

The device is getting stuck in one place.

Windows can have ‘patches’ that are ‘stickier’ (have more surface tension) than normal.
It happens for example when smoke settles on a part of the window that is moist. The cleaners can get ‘stuck’ in these patches.
the solution is to add moisture to the pads so that the surface tension friction is reduced, and the device can move along.
Once the window has been cleaned, the running should be a lot smoother.

The device is leaving smudges on the window

This can happen if the window is really dirty to start with, or if the cleaning pads are dirty before they are used.
The solution is to simply change the cleaning pads and send the device around again.
It should be able to remove the smudges second time around. Also, don’t wait so long to clean the windows next time.
After all, the device is there to be used.

Will the robots scratch the glass on the windows?

Maria, from Melbourne, was worried about the action of the cloths on the windows scratching the glass.
The cleaners use microfibre pads that are gentle on the glass surface, and avoid scratching the windows.
The following clip shows the Gecko cleaning a window that hadn’t been done in about 5 years:
RobotZoo Challenge #18: Did someone say they’d like to see it clean a really dirty window?

Does it only wipe the window or dsoes it spray & wipe?

Maria asked this one as well. The window cleaners do not contain spray or any liquids.
Moisture can be added to the microfibre pads directly. Or it can sprayed on the windows if they are particularly dirty.
Usually the only reason to add moisture is to assist with traction:
  • Windows that are very dirty can create too much friction, and cause the devices to struggle.
  • Windows that are very clean can cause too little friction, and cause the devices to slip.
robotzoo doesn’t offer pick-up as an option. Here’s why:
  • Pick-ups hardly ever seem to go to plan. People might not be able to find us, or keep us waiting around. Any number of things can go wrong.
  • And because we only sell online, we try to keep order fulfilment at robotzoo very organised.
  • Also, we’ve secured good deals on shipping with well organised national eCommerce fulfilment services, such as AusPost and StarTrack.
What we will do, however, to counter any objection to this, is offer free delivery to residents of the greater Sydney region. It’s only fair.

We stand by our robots.

RobotZoo provides a warranty protection on all our devices. On the smaller ones, it’s for one year.

And for the larger, more expensive ones, it’s longer. Try getting that from Ebay, Alibaba or Amazon!

Sometimes bots can misbehave, as if they have a mind of their own, but they should all perform.

If you think your bot is misbehaving then please contact us via our support page.

We don’t discount. Not on this site. Not for new items. Before you go away, allow us to explain why, we think you will understand:
  • Our prices are very competitive anyway. We’re committed to providing advanced robotic devices to our customers at the best prices possible.
  • All the time. And if we can afford to make a permanent change, then we will.
  • We believe in a level playing field, ie. that ‘discount’ or ‘sale’ pricing is not fair to customers who pay the list price for our models.
  • We feel that if a vendor can offer discounted or sale prices on occasion, then why don’t they offer those prices all the time?
Hence no discounts. It’s really that simple. You might find a reconditioned, returned, or second hand item cheaper elsewhere, maybe on our Ebay store. What we will do, occasionally, is:
  • offer a reduced price for backorders, since the customer is having to wait, and since they are helping to finance our next concsignment;
  • offer giveaways when we want to move things along, for example a free window cleaner with every pool cleaner purchased.
When a customer gets a new device from us, they are are assured to get:
  • an approved power supply;
  • a robotzoo warranty under Australian consumer law;
  • access to support, ongoing replaceable parts and consumable items.

We have customers from Coogee to Cairns, and it would not be fair for everyone to be charged the same.
One thing that we will do is offer free shipping to residents of the greater Sydney region, if they request it.

  • And that’s only because we are unable to offer the option of pick-up from our Sydney warehouse. So it was only fair to deliver for free.
  • Customers in the greater Sydney region can just ask for a coupon code, and the shipping cost can be deducted at checkout.

Regarding merchant fees, we have a confession to make. we think they are too expensive, and we just don’t like paying them.

Here’s why:

  • Paying away 2% or more to someone on every sale just because they step in between your bank and ours just doesn’t seem like good value
  • And when you are as committed as we are to providing good value to customers, it’s just inconsistent with our values, pardon the pun!
So we give the choice on this to you, the customer. We offer a lot of payment gateways, as you would notice on our checkout page.
We also offer customers the option of paying by direct bank deposit if they want to save on merchant fees. It’s only fair.
Frank, from Melbourne, asks if we can come out to his place and demonstrate the window cleaners.
It’s one of our most common home robot questions.
Well, we are an eCommerce business based in Sydney so that’s not really possible.
Also, we’ve had a lot of people call us who just want us to come and clean their windows for them, which is not really fair. But:
  • customers have a 30 day return window to decide whether the cleaning robot is fit for purpose for their place; and,
  • residents of greater Sydney qualify for free delivery, which means you there is no risk if the device doesn’t do the job that it needs to.

That’s how we enable our customers to demonstrate for themselves that our devices will work at their place!

More Home Robot Questions Answered In Our Articles

The Era of Household Robots is here!

A new line of robots is revolutionising the household. These robots, known as household robots, are no clanking mechanical monsters. They are here to make life better and more convenient for everyone. Household robots are here to change the world in a bold and exciting way. And how they can do that is top of the list of home robot questions. Once the fascinating fictional characters of science fiction movies, robots have become a practical and useful reality nowadays. We have all seen industrial robots helping out in factory work with dangerous and heavy tasks. Furthermore, we know that robots are used in the industry, such as manufacturing and welding robots. But now a new generation of household robots has arrived and they are a major game changer.

Answering your home robot questions

Household robots are one of the most exciting new developments of the 21st century. And they can save time, save money and add an exciting dimension to the way we live our lives.
The best news of all is you can now buy cleaning robots for a range of purposes right here in Australia. What’s more, cleaning robots have the potential to revolutionise and transform the way cleaning and maintenance tasks are done in all kinds of households and domestic settings:

  • Window cleaning robots have the ability to climb the windows of buildings and residences and leave them sparkling clean.
  • Pool cleaning robots can travel underwater and clean out swimming pools.
  • Floor cleaning robots can make fast work of vacuuming duties and leave rooms and hallways looking clean and tidy, completing the task quickly and efficiently.
  • Robotic lawnmowers are also here and they are ready to level the grass and make any yard or lawn look neat and tidy.

What are your home robot questions?

We have tried here to anticipate some of your home robot questions. If you would like to enquire further about any of our devices, but are unsure which one is best suited to your situation, then please complete the enquiry form below. We will get back to you to discuss your situation. Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to us first please call us on 1 3000 ROBOT.

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