How robotic window cleaners work and their uses

Cleaning windows is one of the most laborious, time consuming, and unenjoyable tasks around the house.
If your home or office has a lot of glass windows, you already appreciate it is difficult
And, depending on your house, you could spend hours cleaning windows. And there are some very hard to clean windows.
But the usual alternative is hiring a professional window cleaner which can result in large annual costs.
Sometimes there are also hard to access windows that require a ladder to reach them, which can be dangerous to do ourselves.
Nowadays, the use of a window cleaning robot is a safer and much more effective way to clean windows.
Robotic window cleaners are a safe way to clean windows, easy to operate and very efficient.
In this article, we’ll explore how automatic window cleaners work.
And examine their uses in cleaning outside windows, and cleaning indoor windows.

How do Robotic Window Cleaners Work

To use a glass cleaning robot, you simply:
  • Put it on the window and turn it on (the suction motor keeps the robot attached to the glass)
  • Push the play button, and it will begin its cleaning run. (when it is finished its run, it will stop, and sound a beep)
A similar idea to a robot vacuum or lawn mower, robotic window cleaners are the best way to clean windows.
You could need extra pads, or the windows might need to be scrubbed down if the windows haven’t been cleaned for a while.
Our robot window cleaners use a suction motor instead of magnets on opposite sides fo the window.
This ensures that the cleaner can adhere to any glass surface, regardless of how thick the glass is.
An automatic window cleaning machine is the:
  • best way to clean mirrors
  • best way to clean  sliding glass doors
  • best way to clean large windows
  • best way to clean frameless shower screens

How To Use A Window Cleaning Robot

To start a cleaning cycle on your window:

  1. Clear anything currently stuck to the window
    (stickers, post-it notes, etc.)
  2. Make sure the power cord is connected correctly, and has plenty of slack to allow it to move freely.
    (you don’t want to risk the robot being pulled off the window and broken by a shortage in the length of a power cord)
  3. Place your window cleaning robot on the glass and press the power button after positioning it
    (some robots feature LED lights that indicate your robot is ready to clean but most emit a beep after 3 to 5 seconds)
  4. Sit back and watch your robot start to clean your window

The robot will stop once it has completed cleaning.

Robot window cleaners are now essential window cleaning tools.
And are effective at cleaning windows of unusual shapes.
They have intelligent sensors embedded into them.
Sensors that enable them to identify unclean areas to work on.
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