Robot mower diagnostics

There are a lot of sensors, controls, alarms, and other circuits built into our Wombat mowers. But how do you check that everything is in working order? – You need a diagnostic interface that tells you how they are working. Herein is a guide on how to use the diagnostic interface to troubleshoot any unexpected behaviours or issues that may be experienced. Also, to test the fitness of the various sensors, and how they work.

(To download this guide as pdf,  click here.)

What sensors are there?

Some mowers have a diagnostic screen to analyse the sensors.
Robotic mowers are equipped with the following sensors:
  • Boundary Wire Line Detection; Charging Station Current.
  • Touch; Bump; Lift; Rain; Gyro – Pitch / Roll / Angle.
  • Internal Charge; Internal Motor.

Accessing the diagnostic screen

Press Home & Go immediately after turning on the mower.
To initiate the self-detection (diagnostic) program:
  • Release the Red emergency button.
  • Immediately press left two buttons.
(before the welcome message ends)
The diagnostic screen should appear:
  • LL – Left Wire Signal
  • RL – Right Wire Signal
  •  L – Left Bump Sensor
  •  R- Right Bump Sensor
  • Gyro – Pitch/Roll/Angle
The following readings should show:
  • NUL = No wire signal
  • IN = Inside the perimeter wire
  • OUT = Outside the perimeter wire
  • 0 / 1 = Inactive / Active
The wire sensors are installed in the undercarriage, near the front wheel. Note the following:
  • the distance between the blades and the sensors
  • the distance between the wheel edges and the sensors.

Specific posts on robot mower troubleshooting & diagnostics


Robotic mowers are sophisticated electronic devices, packed with sensors, circuits, controllers, motors and software.
Sometimes they don’t behave as expected. This is most often remedied by looking at the settings and making sure that they are all correct and appropriate for the installation.
Sometimes, it can be due to a component that has become damaged. That is why it is important to source your device from a local supplier that can provide the advice and support required, if necessary.

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