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Robotic Floor Cleaners From robotzoo

Robotic floor cleaners, otherwise known as robot vacs and sweeps, are clever devices that can:

  • get under the furniture;
  • get to out-of-reach corners, and;
  • detect steps and stairway gaps.



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More About Floor Cleaners

The slim Bug, versatile Beetle, or advanced Bug II robotic floor cleaners will maintain your floors for you while you attend to the more important things in life:

  • The simple robotzoo Bug is an effective, low entry cost solution to sweeping up dust and lint.
  • The versatile robotzoo Beetle has extra features like scheduled cleaning, a ‘virtual wall’ to stop the device from going into the next room, and a large water tank with cloth, to be able to mop the floor after it sweeps.
  • The advanced robotzoo Bug II even has smartphone control, scheduling and room mapping.

More about robotzoo robotic vacuums

robotzoo’s robotic vacuums will cover interior rooms quickly and easily.
They can work to a schedule, meaning you don’t have to be in the house while robotzoo’s vacuum cleaners work.
They suck up all the dirt and grime that comes with everyday use while you are out.
With modern room mapping technology, the robot vacuum cleaners can reach all corners of the house, and with ‘virtual walls’.
And you can stop the robot vacuum cleaners from entering or leaving a room or space.
Some even have water tanks and mopping cloths to wipe or polish the floor as well.
The first household floor cleaning robots were very expensive, more than $1,000.
That was when there were very few choices about, and the components were very new.
But now, there are too many brands and models to mention, from premium to budget.
Brands like  iRobot Roomba, Samsung, even Miele, down to budget floor vacuum brands like Xaomi and Ecovacs.
There are so many features and gimmicks, and the prices range very widely.
For example, the following options may or may not be included:
  • A base station, where the robotic vacuum will depart from, and return to when it is finished;
  • Automatic schedule with calendar for cleaning days of the week;
  • Sweeping brushes and rubber rollers to pick up more dust and dirt;
  • LIDAR sensors to detect obstacles like furniture and walls;
  • Smartphone control, where the phone acts as the remote;
  • Cameras to transmit images of the cleaning back to the phone;
  • ‘Virtual’ walls, and gap sensors to stop the robot going through doorways or over stairs;
  • Water tanks with mopping cloths to wipe down or polish the floor after sweeping;
  • ‘Advanced room mapping technology’, to determine the most efficient cleaning path.
Each feature above will reflect in the price of the machine, whether it is really needed by the user or not.
The most important thing to us is how much stuff the cleaner can collect in its dustbin.
It can be difficult for users to understand what’s the best robotic floor cleaner for their needs.
And many people simply rely on robot floor cleaner reviews.
The reviews often point right back to the expensive brands that attracted others in the first place.
At robotzoo, we try to solve this problem for users by doing the research ourselves.
We find what we think are the best value for money robotic cleaners that will do the same job that the expensive brands will do.
Then we will put our name on the device, so users can have the confidence of a floor vac built for the Australian home.
With assurance of an Australian warranty on parts.


The Case For Robotic Vacuums

There are so many use cases to justify a robotic vacuum, for example:

  • Productivity. Robots do the repetitive tasks thoroughly and accurately, so people can use their time more productively.
  • Safety. Robots can safely go places that are hard to reach, or are dangerous for people to work in.
  • Mobility. Many people are inhibited from doing difficult household chores due to injury, disability, or mobility issues.
  • Access. Getting under furniture, or into corners, is no challenge for a robot.
  • Remoteness. Properties that are mostly unoccupied can still be maintained well by using robots that work to a schedule.
  • Savings. Avoid the need for people to do low skill tasks like vacuuming, and redirect to more value-added activities.
  • Security. By having fewer strangers with access to your home, and not having to supervise people when doing their jobs.
  • Convenience. By allowing you to get the chores done according to your own schedule, note somebody else’s.
The robots are coming, it’s true! They’re here to help around the house.
Just like your dishwasher does a menial chore for you and saves you time for the more important things in life
Similarly, home cleaning robots are available for other household tasks.
Read our Articles, or see our Frequently Asked Questions section for more general information.
You will find tips and tricks for installation and operation, including online user manuals, and product reviews.
Also, have a look at the product pages for more specific technical information on our devices.



What does robotzoo do?

Our clever devices help households do mundane chores and maintain the floors, windows, pools and lawns.
There’s a robot for almost every chore:
  • Automatic battery driven robotic lawnmowers;
  • Cordless pool cleaning robots;
  • Frameless glass detecting robotic window cleaners; and,
  • Self-emptying robotic floor vacs.
You can confidently source them all from the one responsible local supplier with a local warranty for every device.

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