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Battery driven pool cleaners with no cables, so it’s safe to swim while they clean.
And these pool cleaners have been laboratory tested to meet stringent European and Australian Standards.
What makes these devices so special is that they are entirely battery powered.
Therefore, there are no cumbersome cables in the pool, unlike with other pool cleaning robots.
And so means that it’s safe to swim while they clean – they are not plugged into mains power while operating.



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Key FeaturesPlatypus IIBlue Swimmer IIBalmain Bug IBalmain Bug II
robot, pool cleaner, platypus, platypus IIrobot, pool cleaner, Blue Swimmer, Blue swimmer IIpool cleaner, robot, balmain bug, balmain bug Irobot, pool cleaner , balmain bug, balmain bug ii
Price (RRP)$594(max)$1,298(max)$1,199 (max)$1,089 (max)
Working Area1001208080
Power SourceOnboard BatteryOnboard BatteryOnboard BatteryOnboard Battery
Power (Volts)12.629.411.111.1
Power (Watts)501306565
Power (AmpHrs)
Maximum Incline30˚90˚90˚90˚
Weight-Net (Kg)5.59.588
Filter (microns)180180180180
Warranty (years)1222


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More About Pool Cleaners From robotzoo

The robotzoo Platypus II pool cleaners are designed to scour the bottom, back & forth, feeding on leaves & debris for hours.

It can be:

  • Lifted in & out of the pool easily.
  • And emptied in a minute.
  • Then, simply and safely recharged away from the pool.

The Platypus II has wheels so it won’t climb all the way up your walls, or scrub the surface of your pool.
The robotzoo Blue Swimmer II will scrub right to the waterline.
It scrubs the walls and floor as it works, and has the option to fit either a sponge or ribbed nylon roller, depending on the pool surface.

The robotzoo BalmainBug pool cleaners are programmable, using a smartphone app, to adapt to a variety of situations. With the app, users can adjust the program to:

  • The shape of the pool.
  • As well as the size (length and breadth) of the pool.
  • And the inclination or slope of the pool floor.

It can also be commanded to do:

  • Just the floor of the pool.
  • Or just the walls of the pool; or,
  • Or the floor and the walls of the pool together.
Our YouTube Channel has more about our pool cleaning robots.

More About Pool Cleaning Robots

Swimming pools have been around for a long time, but the idea of a robot pool cleaner is relatively new.
And they are quite an improvement on the older automatic pool vacuums, which catch debris in the skimmer box, through a small flexible hose.
That’s because robotic pool cleaners have large rectangular inlets to catch leaves, seeds, and other debris.
robotzoo’s robotic pool cleaners are designed to leave your pool sparkling clean.
All pool owners should know that a robot pool cleaner is the key to saving time and money on pool maintenance.
That’s because, by using a robotic pool cleaner, you’ll keep more debris out of your pool and pool filter.
And all of our pool cleaners are designed with the suction power you need to keep your pool clean.
So you can spend less time cleaning your pool, and more time enjoying it with your family.

What’s Best For your Pool?

The best type of robotic pool cleaner for your swimming pool will depend on the pool size, and pool surface. As a guide, the:

  • Best robotic cleaner for fibreglass pool:
    You may want a wall climber that can crawl over ledges to the waterline. Foam rollers will help gain extra traction for this.
  • Best robotic cleaner for pebblecrete pool or quartzite pool:
    If you want the pool cleaner to clean the pool walls, then nylon rollers should have sufficient traction. A pool floor cleaner may also be suitable if you are prepared to scrub the walls.
  • Best robotic cleaner for vinyl Pool:
    A pool floor cleaner usually works best. But if you want a wall climber to clean the walls, foam rollers are recommended.
  • Best robotic cleaner for concrete pool:
    The choice of rollers for a wall climbing pool robot will depend on how smooth the pool surface is.

Which pool cleaner brand should you choose?

The market leaders are Maytronics, which is from Israel, (who own the Dolphin and Pentair brands,) and; Fluidra (a Spanish company who own Zodiac, Jandy & Astralpool).
Then there’s Hayward(American), and a few others.
Of course, everybody in the industry has their robotic pool cleaners made or assembled somewhere in Asia.
robotzoo was the first Australian owned brand of pool cleaning robots sold in Australia.
ur suppliers are independent of the big names, but no less innovative.
We are currently leading the pack in battery driven pool cleaner technology.
We believe that our cordless pool cleaners are the best robotic pool cleaners when it comes to safety, convenience and value
(say goodbye to the power cord!).
A comparison of our models against some others, including pool cleaner reviews, can be found in our articles.

4 Reasons Why You Need A robotzoo Pool Cleaner, The Best Robotic Pool Cleaners in Australia

Anyone who has a swimming pool understands how valuable it is.
A pool, like any great investment, must be maintained.
And this may include hours of hand cleaning, that some pool owners may not have time for these days.
For good reason, robotzoo robotic pool cleaners Sydney are a popular choice throughout Australia.
Check out our top four reasons to invest in robotzoo automated pool cleaning in 2022.

Advanced Cleaning Technology:

Our best Robotic pool cleaners Australia use cutting-edge cleaning technology.
They’re intended to climb walls and steps, traverse across floors, and get into hard-to-reach nooks by themselves.
In doing so, they aim to achieve maximum coverage of your pool.
Powerful revolving scrubbing brushes lift and suck up all forms of filth and debris, leaving your walls, floors, and waterlines spotless.

Smart Navigation:

robotzoo pool cleaners are designed to enable them to negotiate obstacles in the pool, like ladders, inclines ledges and steps.
From simple design principles that allow them to bounce off obstacles, to sophisticated gyroscope navigation technology.
Gyroscopes that allow them to maintain travel in straight lines over uneven terrain.
This means that you can just turn on the cleaner and drop it in the pool.

Save Your Money:

Of Course you will have to pay money to get the best pool cleaning robot at first.
But the long-term financial benefits may surpass the initial investment.
Our best Robotic pool cleaners may assist conserve energy, water, and chemicals, lowering your long-term operating expenses.

Easy To Use

Our robotic pool cleaners have no cables or tethers, so are considerably easier to pull out and use.
To use the pool cleaner, simply plug it in, place it in the pool, and press the ‘Go’ button.
There are no enormous pipes in the way if you want to swim in the pool at the same time.
robotzoo can assist you in determining which pool cleaner is best for your pool.
So take a look at our range of robot pool cleaners for sale at best price with robotzoo.

The Case For Our Battery Driven Pool Cleaning Robots…

You can find robotic pool cleaners for sale everywhere.

That’s because there are so many use cases to justify a pool robotic cleaner, for example:

  • Productivity. Robots will do the menial repetitive task of cleaning the pool thoroughly and accurately, while you do something more interesting.
  • Safety. Our battery driven pool cleaners don’t plug into the wall while working, so it’s safe to swim.
  • Mobility. Many people are inhibited from doing the difficult chore of cleaning the pool due to injury, disability, or mobility issues.
  • Access. Sometimes there is no access to a power point anywhere near the pool.
  • Remoteness. Pools in remote locations can be cleaned without supervision.
  • Savings. By avoiding the need to pay for someone to come around every week, whether you pool needs cleaning or not.
  • Security. By having fewer strangers with access to your home, and not having to supervise people when doing their jobs.
  • Convenience. You can clean the pool on demand, and according to your own schedule, not somebody else’s.
This is all very good, but we know that when it comes to robotic pool cleaners Sydney customers want more.
And so our innovation is the cordless robotic pool cleaner Australia!
Read our articles or see our frequently asked questions section for more general information.
You will find tips and tricks for installation and operation, including online user manuals and product reviews.
Also, have a look at the product pages for more specific technical information on our devices.
We have a pool cleaner for small pools, a pool cleaner for large pools, and for all sizes in between.



What does robotzoo do?

Our clever devices help households do mundane chores and maintain the floors, windows, pools and lawns.
There’s a robot for almost every chore:
  • Automatic battery driven robotic lawnmowers;
  • Cordless pool cleaning robots;
  • Frameless glass detecting robotic window cleaners; and,
  • Self-emptying robotic floor vacs.
You can confidently source them all from the one responsible local supplier with a local warranty for every device.

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Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to us first, please call us
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