Lawn Mower Spare Parts

Lawn Mower Spare Parts and Lawn Mower Accessories From robotzoo

robotzoo carries a range of lawn mower spare parts. And we have lawn mower accessories for our smart mowers, including:

  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion internal batteries
  • Power adapters and charging stations
  • Cutting blades, blade rotors, guards and whole assemblies
  • Boundary wire, wire pegs and wire joiners



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More About Lawn Mower Spare Parts From robotzoo

Rechargeable Lithium Ion internal batteries.

Our Mowers are internally battery driven, powered by rechargeable lithium ion battery packs.
The battery pack is a very important component for the mower.
And many people do not realise how important it is to have a sufficiently powerful battery.
Everybody knows that lithium ion batteries need to be well cared for, but not everybody knows why.
It’s because the battery packs are made up of individual cells that are wired in series and parallel.
And the loss or permanent damage of any one cell will reduce the overall power available from the pack by the amount of that cell.
There is no ‘balancing out’ of maximum power when it comes to battery packs.
That’s why it’s important to be careful not to get a mower that is underpowered.
It is far, far, better to be overpowered than underpowered when relying on lithium ion battery packs.


Power adapters and charging stations.

The charging stations for robot mowers are not just a dumb connecting point for the device.
They contain important electronics, to generate and monitor the electronic boundary wire signal.
And that signal is what keeps the mower from ‘going rogue’ outside the yard.
The charging station electronics also include a weak radio signal to communicate with the mower.
The purpose of that ensures the mower cannot be started outside the defined boundary.
The charging station is also the home base where the mower should return to and rest.
For example, after it has completed its mowing run.
Because the charging station is out in the elements, it needs to be rainproof, and weather resistant.
Also, it needs to be made of materials that will not warp after extended exposure to sunlight.
The power adapter similarly needs to be weather resistant.
And the standard for this is called IP65. IP65 means is that the adapter itself can withstand a water jet (like a hose).
One with a pressure of up to 30kPa, and water volume of 12.5 litres per minute. and it can withstand this for up to 15 minutes.
That’s a lot of water! So you can be assured that the charger itself won’t be a safety issue by being outside in the elements.
Our AC/DC power adapters also have a 4m cable on the low power DC side.
And so this means that the adapter itself can usually be placed under shelter anyway.
Also, only the much safer DC cable needs to lead out to the charging station.


Cutting blades, blade rotors, guards and whole assemblies.

The cutting blades, rotors, motors, and blade guards are the “coalface” tools for any robot mower.
These lawn mower spare parts are subject to the most wear and tear. And they need to be serviced and replaced regularly.
We recommend inspecting these parts at least once a month.
And we suggest replacing them with new parts at the beginning of each mowing season.


Boundary wire, wire pegs and wire joiners.

The purpose of the boundary wire is to mark an electronic boundary to the lawn area covered by the robot mowers.
By making sure that the mower stays within a designated boundary, safety is ensured.
Boundary Wire is connected to +ve/-ve DC terminals on the charging station as shown in the instruction manual.
It is laid (pegged) on top of the lawn, or buried just underneath the surface.
This is done within 30cm inside the boundary of the lawn area to be mown.
The wire carries a low (5V) current. This current creates a small magnetic field that can be detected by sensors on the mowers themselves.
The mowers are programmed to detect when they cross over the boundary wire.
And then change direction to return to the mowing area.
They are also programmed to follow the boundary wire back to the charging station when they need to recharge.
If the boundary wire is broken or cut, the base station will sound an alarm.
And the mower will not operate in automatic mode. (It can still be made to operate in manual mode).
Our Boundary wire is made from true copper (TC) strands. 
Other cheaper brands are made from tinned copper coated aluminium (TCCA).
Copper is a far superior conductor to aluminium. Therefore, there is less gain (current) lost over a given length.
This means that the length of boundary wire supported by the base station can be longer. Our base stations can support up to 600m of wire.


Cutting and running motors, and other internal electronic components.

The internal electronics of a robotic mower is naturally very delicate.
The covers provide resistance to rain, but if the ground floods from under the device, these components may be exposed to water.
And water can be highly damaging to electrical components, causing corrosion, short-circuits, and burn-outs.


Wheels, Covers, bumpers and other parts.

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