Platypus II

What’s in the box?

A smart, safe, and silent internal battery powered pool cleaner that will pick up leaves and other detritus that settles on the floor of your pool. Simple in design, and easy to operate, anytime, on demand.

  • 6.6 Ah, 12.6V fully internal lithium battery pack – no mains connection!
  • 50 watt motor, runs for 120 minutes on full charge. Fully charges in 5-6 hours.
  • Multi-colour LED running sate indicator.
  • Large 5 Litre capacity for lots of leaves & dirt.
  • Unique “Flash Wash” easy to clean filter screen.
  • Filtering capacity 10 cubic metres per hour, with 180 micron filter.
  • Crawling speed 20 m per minute, can manage incline of up to 30%.
  • Light Weight – Less than 6 kg to lift in/out of the pool.
  • Accessories – Australian compliant AC Adapter.
  • Built in water sensor detects when the device is in/out of the water.
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Availability: Available on backorder

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The robotzoo Platypus II Battery Powered Pool Cleaner

What’s so special about a battery powered pool cleaner? Robotic pool cleaners have been around for a while now. They usually run off electrical power, rather than being connected by a hose to the filter box. Usually, they have an AC Adapter or transformer plugged into mains power, which is connected to the device by a tether that carries the DC power. This means that you can’t (or shouldn’t) swim while the pool cleaner is operating. Imagine if someone in the pool pulled on the tether hard enough to drag the transformer into the pool! The robotzoo Platypus II battery powered pool cleaner eliminates this risk.

robotzoo specialises in the battery powered pool cleaner – it’s safe to swim while they’re working!

Also, there are no accessories to worry about for the robotzoo Platypus II or for the robotzoo Blue Swimmer II. Parts are available from robotzoo if anything needs replacement.

robotzoo provides a 12 month warranty on the Platypus II. And there’s benefits of being a robotzoo Member for anyone who takes one home.

What’s special about the robotzoo Platypus II battery powered pool cleaner?

The robotzoo Platypus II battery powered pool cleaner eliminates the risk of dragging anything into the pool that is attached to mains power. It has its own internal battery pack that will power the device for up to 90 minutes on full charge. This means that you can swim while the pool cleaner is operating. And you don’t have to worry about having mains power near your pool.

The robotzoo Platypus II battery powered pool cleaner is based on a very simple and straightforward design. There’s not much that can go wrong. It is propelled by alternating water jets at either end of the device, set at an angle so that it turns as it moves. Having wheels means that it won’t climb the walls of your pool, at least not to the waterline, but it will pick up leaves and other detritus off the pool floor. It also means that this device is less likely to get stuck on steps or shallow wading areas, since the jets will eventually blow it off any obstacle. And it’s very easy to empty too. Just take it out when finished, open the cover, lift the screen, empty the tray,  and recharge the battery.

The robotzoo Platypus II battery powered pool cleaner may be simple but it’s not dumb! There’s a lot of smart technology built into the device, such as:

  • “Full Coverage” running program to ensure complete cleaning of the pool floor;
  • “Power Detection” & “Auto Pull-Over” to make it move to the edge when the battery runs out;
  • “Water Sensor” to protect the motor when it is out of the water;

The robotzoo Platypus II battery powered pool cleaner comes with an Australian Standards compliant power supply that will recharge the battery in 2 hours. The internal battery will last around 90 minutes on full charge.

What do you need to know about safety?

Robotic pool cleaners are specially engineered to operate operate outdoors in a wet environment. They are designed as Low Voltage Devices, (LVDs) to improve safety. But because most are connected to mains power, they require supervision when being used. There are some things to watch out for.

Electrical Safety?

The AC Adapter is all important. It must comply with Australian standards, carry the RCM mark, and include the standard 3 pin Australian wall plug. robotzoo is very careful about these points. Fines and jail sentences apply to anyone selling electrical equipment in Australia that is non-compliant with Australian electrical safety standards. And so they should.

Many suppliers, particularly on Ebay, Amazon or Alibaba will ignore these points, either wilfully or out of ignorance. Especially those overseas suppliers selling online who are out of reach of Australian law. There is no protection for Australian consumers who try to save a few dollars buying from these overseas suppliers. So buyers beware!

Device Safety?

Suction cleaners that attach to the filter box can be hazardous, because the vacuum created by the pool pump can be very strong. The design of the robotzoo Platypus II battery powered pool cleaner is inherently safe because the jets are blowing water out of the device, not sucking it in. Water enters into the filter box of the device through large rectangular slots in the bottom, which are ample to catch large leaves, unlike those diaphragm based suction cleaners that rely on narrow pipes.

Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 40 × 32 cm












1 review for Platypus II

  1. Murray

    We operate a commercial pool cleaning business and after purchasing one for myself I have purchased one for each truck.
    Easy to use , being battery operated means I can put it in and get onto other tasks.

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