Pool Cleaner Battery Pack

Each new pool cleaner has a battery pack installed – it is not an optional accessory.

However, there may be situations where extra battery packs are desired or required, or a replacement is needed. We keep spares for this purpose.

What’s Included?

  • Sealed battery pack of 18650 cells with BMS, leads and connectors


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What is the Pool Cleaner Power Supply?

The Pool Cleaner Battery Pack is the rechargeable power supply for robozoo pool cleaners.
Each model has its own pack, depending on the voltage and current of the model.
The battery packs for all models however are based on the standard 18650 lithium cell, which is the same cell that is used in a Tesla!
The individual cells are slightly larger than an AA battery cell.
18650 lithium cell are usually rated for at least 300 cycles of charging and draining.
The battery packs include an on-board battery management system (BMS) designed to optimise the useful life of the cells.
The BMS controls the cells to ensure that each cell is not charged to a voltage more than a specified safety limit.
It also ensures that the cells are not drained less than a voltage threshold specified for the health of the cell.
The battery packs can be replaced by robotzoo’s qualified technicians.
Robotzoo carries spare batteries in stock for our customers whenever they may be required.
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Pool Cleaner Model

Platypus I, Blue Swimmer I, Platypus II, Blue Swimmer II


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