Power Extension - Window Cleaning Robot

Window Cleaning Robot Extension Cords give an additional 4 metres of range to the robotzoo Gecko or Glider devices. If you have really big windows, or you need to reach a long way from the power supply to the glass, then the extension cord may be what’s needed.

Each of the robotzoo Gecko and Glider series window cleaners each have a different type of extension cord, so it is important to choose the correct one to match the device. This can be done using the dropdown option list on the product page. The price charged will automatically reflect on the page once the selection is made.


  • Size & 4 metres
  • Weight – around 3oog
  • Colour – black


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What’s Special About the Robot Window Cleaner Cloths?

Window Cleaning Robot Cloths are made of microfiber fabric that is specially designed to pick up dirt and dust from the window without any hard abrasive action on the glass. They are very easy to apply on and remove from the device, and are reusable after they are washed in warm soapy water. Or just put them in the washing  machine with other dirty cloths, socks and towels.

Each model of window cleaner uses a specific type of cloth, so choose carefully the cloth that matches the model of window cleaner. This is easy to do by choosing an option on the Window Cleaner Model dropdown box within the product page. Once the option is selected, a picture of the corresponding cloth will show on the page, and the quantity of cloths in the packet will be indicated. If the picture looks like the cloth for the device, then add it to the cart and proceed to checkout.

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 3 cm
Window Cleaner Model

Gecko I, Gecko II, Glider I, Glider II, Glider III


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