//Robot Lawn Mower Boundary Wire

Robot Lawn Mower Boundary Wire


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The Robot Lawn Mower Boundary Wire is an essential part of the overall installation for lawn mowing by the Robot Zoo Wombat and Wombat Joey mowers. It is not an optional accessory. However, there may be situations where additional boundary wire is required, where the combined perimeters of all the mowing areas to be serviced is longer than 100 metres.

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What is the Robot Lawn Mower Boundary Wire?

The Robot Lawn Mower Boundary Wire is used in conjunction with the RobotZoo Wombat Charging Stations and Wombat Joey Charging Stations, to mark an electronic boundary to the lawn area covered by the robot mowers. The wire is connected to +ve/-ve electric terminals on the charging station as shown in the instruction manual. The wire is laid (pegged) on top of, or buried just underneath, the lawn, around 30cm inside the boundary of the lawn area to be mown. The wire carries a low (5V) current, which creates a small magnetic field that can be detected by sensors on the mowers themselves.

The mowers are programmed to detect when they cross over the boundary wire, and then change direction to return to the mowing area. They are also programmed to follow the boundary wire back to the charging station when they need to recharge. If the boundary wire is broken or cut, the base station will sound an alarm, and the mower will not operate in automatic mode (it can still be made to operate in manual mode).


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