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Robot Lawn Mower Power Supply


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The Robot Lawn Mower Power Supply is an essential part of the overall installation for lawn mowing by the Robot Zoo Wombat and Wombat Joey mowers. It is not an optional accessory. However, there may be situations where two power supplies are desired or required, such as where charging stations are used to allow one mower to be shared across two lawn areas that are far apart (eg. front yard & back yard).

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What is the Robot Lawn Mower Power Supply?

The Robot Lawn Mower Power Supply is made specially for the RobotZoo Wombat Charging Stations and Wombat Joey Charging Stations. This is the AC/DC adapter that plugs into mains AC power, and supplies a DC charge to the station, so it can re-charge the robot lawn mower while it is at rest. The same AC adapter is used for either charging station.

It is made from tough UV resistant plastic, and holds the circuitry to supply 25.4V DC from the 240V AC mains power. The DC cable that supplies charge to the station is 4 metres long, so that the station can be positioned in a good spot in the garden which is not close to the nearest mains power outlet, and the adapter can be placed out of the elements and close to an electrical outlet.

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