Robot Window Cleaner Lithium Battery

The Gecko Window Cleaner backup battery is a compact and light 14.8V 700mAh Lithium Polymer Battery that is designed to keep the fan motor going in the event of loss of mains power. It will keep the device adhered to the window for up to 20 minutes. Note that the device will not move when it is under battery power. Note that Lithium Polymer batteries need to remain charged above a certain threshold level, otherwise they will irreversibly deteriorate over time. For this reason, It is important to recharge a robotic window cleaner at regular intervals, even if it is not being used.

The on-board backup battery is an essential component to the safety and performance of a robotic window cleaner. The device will not start unless it determines that the backup battery has sufficient power. If the window cleaner looks like it is on, but the fan motors are not going, then it is likely that the battery has expired.


  • Size – L30mm * W20mm * H30mm;
  • Weight – 50g;
  • Voltage – 14.8V;
  • Current – 700mAh, 2.8A (max);
  • Power – 40 watts (max);


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What’s Special About the Robot Window Cleaner Lithium Backup Battery?

The Robot Window Cleaner Lithium Battery is a 14.8V Lithium-Polymer rechargeable backup power source for the robotzoo GeckoGecko II, Glider, Glider II and Glider III window cleaners. The backup battery is an essential component for a robotic window cleaners.The battery is intended to provide backup power just sufficient to keep the window cleaner adhered to the window for up to 20 minutes

They are a lithium polymer composition, which is light enough to be carried on-board the device, and powerful enough to drive the fan motor and provide sufficient suction in the case on interruption of the mains power supply. 

These lightweight lithium polymer batteries need to be topped up in charge at least every couple of months to remain in good working condition. If they are allowed to drain below a certain threshold voltage, and then left that way for a period, then they will not be able to be charged back to their peak voltage again.

And since the backup battery is a safety feature, the window cleaners will not turn on unless the backup battery can provide a certain baseload voltage. If your robotic window cleaner won’t turn on, then replacing the battery will usually get it working again. We have tested these batteries on various types of robotic window cleaners and they work well.

Most models of robotic window cleaner will use the same type of rechargeable lithium backup battery, ie. 14.8V, 500-800 maH (around 10Wh) 4S-573040 (or similar) and, importantly, the same type of connector (XH2.54-3P). The batteries will fit into an enclosure which is usually around 20mm x 30mm x 50mm. 

Replacing the batteries is usually easy to do. Just open the casing of your device by removing the casing screws, and you will see the battery, usually secured in its enclosure with double sided tape. Remove the plastic XH2.54-3P connector from the main board and peel the battery out. Use double sided tape to secure the new battery inside its enclosure, reconnect to the main board and re-seal the casing with the screws. Try to ensure that you don’t have any screws left over!

Weight .05 kg
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 3 cm


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