Wombat Joey II Ultra Lawn Mower


The robotzoo Wombat Joey II Ultra lawn mower

Recommended for areas up to 1,800 square metres or more.
Its fully charged 7.8 Amp Hours battery will provide around 3 hours of mowing.
That will cover around 700 square metres, before needing to recharge, which will take less than 3 hours.
Ultrasonic sensors on top will detect objects in your lawn to avoid collisions.

What’s in the box?

  • Power – 85W motor, 7.8 Ah Lithium battery, 3 hrs working, ≤3 hrs charging.
  • Cutting dimensions – height 2.5 to 5.5 cm, width 21 cm.
  • Cutting speed – 35 m/min, 3 blades, 3,200 rpm blade rotation.
  • Coverage: 600 m2 ±20% once charged, 1800 m2 ±20% working capacity.
  • Size – L52*W39*H27 cm (Mower), L44*W48.2*H15 cm (Charging Station).
  • Weight – 17.1 Kg gross, 14.1 Kg net.
  • Sensors – lift, tilt, compass, bump (side / front), touch, rain, Ultrasonic Collision Avoidance.
  • Controls – WiFi remote, LED display, emergency stop, Anti-theft.
  • Safety – No start without DC current to charging station & virtual wire.
  • Settings – Subarea, Language, Password, Time, Schedule, Manual, Auto.
  • Accessories – 100m boundary wire, 100 wire pegs, base station, AC Adapter.


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SKU: RLC-000-D3

Want to know more about the robotzoo Wombat Joey II Ultra?

The new robotzoo Wombat Joey II Ultra robot mower is here! Now with ultrasonic collision detection for all those obstacles lying around in the yard! It represents the next generation of research and development for our Wombat range of mowers. They are even smarter, safer, more powerful and more durable than their predecessors. And, you may have noticed that they are less expensive. After five generations of evolution, the safety, control and sensory features has just gotten better and better. And the design is still beautiful, if you like Wombats!

Buffalo grass is is tough, but our robotzoo Wombats are tougher. The mowers will eat buffalo grass for breakfast, tea and dinner. Sloping lawns are not an issue. The mowers will easily manage slopes of 30 degrees or more. A safety feature will shut off the motor when at an angle of 50 degrees, to avoid the risk of the mower tipping over.

What’s so special about the robotzoo Wombat Joey II Ultra robot mower?

The robotzoo Wombat Joey II Ultra looks a little like the robotzoo Wombat Joey II. But the Wombat Joey II Ultra has an ultrasonic detector on top, which keeps an eye out for obstacles. It has the same 7.8 Ah battery. And it has the same technology of WiFi smartphone remote control.

The robotzoo Wombat Joey II Ultra is recommended for areas up to 1800 square metres or so. It will operate for 2-3 hours on full battery, covering around 700 square metres, before it has to go back to recharge, which takes less than 3 hours.

What do the robotzoo Wombat Joey II Ultra & robotzoo Wombat Joey II robot mower have in common?

When presented with an obstacle, or the boundary wire, both mowers have virtual wire sensors and bump sensors (side & front) to help them change course. Each has a rain sensor will stop the mower if it showers, to make the mower return automatically to its charging station until the rain stops.

But the Wombat Joey II Ultra also has an ultrasonic sensor on top to detect obstacles in the yard, so as to avoid these without bumping into them.

Both mowers have a gyro compass that help them maintain a steady line (especially on hills).

Both mowers can be controlled using the smartphone WiFi App.

Also, both mowers have lift sensors, tilt sensors, touch sensors, pressure sensors, and an emergency stop switch as safety features that will shut off the device when activated.

Finally, both have the anti-theft password control feature.

What do you need to know about robot mower safety?

Safety is a very important consideration when choosing a robotic lawn mower. Especially since these are electrical devices that operate outdoors, have fast moving parts, with sharp blades, and they are moving about autonomously.
The strength of their safety features is why we chose to include the Wombat Joey II Ultra into the robotzoo family in the first place. And we’ve been very happy with that decision ever since.

Electrical Safety?

The AC Adapter or transformer is all important. It must comply with Australian standards, carry the RCM mark, and include the standard 3 pin Australian wall plug. robotzoo is very careful about this point. Heavy fines and jail sentences apply to anyone selling electrical equipment in Australia that is non-compliant with Australian electrical safety standards. And so they should.

Many suppliers, particularly on Ebay, Amazon or Alibaba will ignore these points, either wilfully or out of ignorance. Especially those overseas suppliers selling online who are out of reach of Australian law. There is no protection for Australian consumers who try to save a few dollars buying from these overseas suppliers. And your insurance may be impacted if your electrical equipment is not compliant. So buyers beware!

Device Safety?

robotzoo is very impressed by the safety features designed into the Wombat series of lawn mowers. These features have evolved over many years servicing Europe and meeting the stringent standards set there. There’s an array of sensors that will shut down the device when activated: bump; lift; tilt, and; touch.

The big red emergency stop button is also the highly visible and easily accessible.

Proximity Safety?

A boundary wire is laid out around the cutting area to confine the mowers’ operation. If they step one foot out of this area, they will turn around. If the boundary wire is cut, or the power is interrupted, the mower will stop. There are other models of robotic mowers that say they don’t use a boundary wire, but we think that it is still the best way of making sure the mower doesn’t go rogue.

Blade Safety?

The Wombat Joey II Ultra is excellent when it comes to this. It’s what convinced us to include them in our family of mowers. The cutting blades are not a fixed rotor, which is important. Fixed rotor blades spinning at high RPM can do a lot of damage. Instead, these mowers use small freely pivoting blades (check the pictures) set around the circumference of the central rotor disk. It’s a clever and safe design.

It means that when the blades hit a hard object they will bounce back rather than plough through. Also, there is a skirting guard underneath the mower to prevent objects from probing underneath the mower. If the motor is lifted or tilted when it is running, the rotor disk stops in a second.

Weight 19 kg
Dimensions 80 × 50 × 35 cm













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