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RobotZoo Wombat – Charging Station


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The Wombat Robot Mower Charging Station is an essential part of the overall installation for lawn mowing by the Robot Zoo Wombat. It is not an optional accessory. However, there may be situations where two charging stations are desired or required, such as where the one mower is to be shared across two lawn areas that are far apart (eg. front yard & back yard).

What’s in the box?

  • Size – L60.5*W28*H28cm (assembled);
  • Weight – 6 Kg gross, 5 Kg net;

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What is the Wombat Robot Mower Charging Station?

The Wombat Robot Mower Charging Station is made specially for the RobotZoo Wombat lawn mower. It is made from tough UV resistant plastic, and holds the circuitry to recharge the mower, and control the current for the electronic boundary wire. The unit should be positioned on a level area along the edge of the garden, in a place that allows the mower to access the mowing area with ease and return to the Station using the boundary wire as a guide. It should  also be staked into the ground so it doesn’t move.

The Charging Station is connected via a long (four metre) DC cable to the AC adapter. This is so the adapter can be placed close to an electrical outlet, and the cable can be run to a good spot in the garden for the charging station.

The Station is designed to withstand variable weather conditions, and being DC powered it is safe to be placed outside in the elements. However, there is also an optional rain shelter that can give further protection if desired to the station (and the mower) from rain and sun.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 90 × 60 × 35 cm



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