Clean my water feature: robotzoo Challenge #73

Our customer had a question. Can the Platypus II clean my water feature?Would it work? … We didn’t know, but we were willing to give it a try.
We had never been asked to do anything like this before.
But we knew that our clever pool cleaners will try anything. The versatile little Platypus II rose to the challenge. Another challenge met!
robotzoo offers the best pool robotic cleaners Australia can get.
We ensure that you will get crystal-clear results from your pool robot.
Whether you have been looking at the Dolphin M400, Zodiac CX35,
Hayward SharkVac, or the Poolbot b150, you can compare our models.
If you are looking for user guides for some of these models, try here.
Check out our Blue SwimmerPlatypus, and Balmain Bug models.
And have a look at the challenges they can overcome.
We’re sure that you will find that our cleaners compare very favourably.
If you’re not sure if robot cleaners are ideal for you, shoot us a question.
We’d love to chat.

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