Compare Robot Mower Reviews – Our Models vs Others

Doing the research on robot mower reviews isn’t easy. That’s why we’ve done it for you.
We’ve trawled the internet to find independent reviews of various models, including our own, where we can.
There have been reviews done by PCmag, and by, which cover the major models.
The table below repeats those from PCmag, with links to the detailed reviews written by themselves and others.
Where our mowers are not covered, we’ve written a review in the style that they would write it
(just in case you think we’re being biased).

If you were to ask us what’s important for a robot mower, you might be surprised. We would say:
  • A powerful battery. A more powerful battery will drive a mower for longer, and allow it to do more work.
    It will also contain more ‘cells’ which makes it less susceptible to an individual cell being faulty.
  • A fast cutting motor. At least 3000 rpm. And to drive the motor, you need a powerful battery.
  • Sharp cutting blades. But the swivel type, not the fixed type.
    A fixed blade running at high rpm presents a safety issue.
    Having sharp blades also reduces the load on the cutting motor, so blades should be changed regularly.
Others may say tech gimmicks like WiFi, SLAM, VKD, etc.. etc are important.
But there are always pros and cons with these technologies – they don’t always work well in all environments.
To find out more about our mowers see our blog about getting the Robot Zoo Wombat mower ready for summer.
Go ahead and compare robot mower reviews below.

Compare Robot Mower Reviews Below

Sileno City
Landroid WG794
Wombat Junior I
Wombat Junior II
Wombat Joey II
Wombat II
Wombat III
Robot Mowers, Brands, Competitors Robot Mowers, Brands, CompetitorsRobot Mowers, Brands, Competitorsrobot mower, wombat junior i robot mower, wombat junior i robot mower, wombat joey II robot mower, wombat iirobot mower, wombat III
Price (AUD)$2,700$2,200$1,299$1,350$797.50$924$1,298$1,595$1,496
Cellular, GPS
Wifi App
Wifi App
Battery Voltage
Battery Power3.4Ah6.0Ah2.1Ah2.5Ah2.2Ah5.2Ah7.8Ah7.8Ah6.6Ah
No. of 18650
Cells in battery
5x cells2x banks
8x cells
5x cells8x cells8x cells
8x cells
3x banks
8x cells
3x banks
8x cells
3x banks
8x cells
Cutting Time1.2 hr1.1 hr1 hr1 hr0.45 hr0.45 hr3-4 hr3-4 hr3-4 hr
Charging Time1 hr1.5 hr1 hr0.5 hr1.1 hr1.1 hr<3 hr<3 hr<3 hr
Start Points343400666
Lawn Coverage1,600 sqm2,000 sqm700 sqm1,000 sqm800 sqm800 sqm1,800 sqm2,400 sqm3,000 sqm
Sound Level58 db66 db58 db63 db<60 db<60 db<60db<60db<60db
Cutting Width22 cm55 cm16 cm18 cm16 cm16 cm21 cm28 cm34 cm
Mobile App

Rain Sensor


Remote Steering

Jul 2017
Jul 2017
Jun 2017
Jun 2018
Jun 2015
Jun 2018
Sep 2018

What does robotzoo do?

Our clever devices help households do mundane chores and maintain the floors, windows, pools and lawns.
There’s a robot for almost every chore:
  • Automatic battery driven robotic lawnmowers;
  • Cordless pool cleaning robots;
  • Frameless glass detecting robotic window cleaners; and,
  • Self-emptying robotic floor vacs.
You can confidently source them all from the one responsible local supplier with a local warranty for every device.

Want to Find Out More?

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