Too Hot To Mow The Lawn?

How to mow the lawn when it’s 35℃ outside

We had to speed things up a little … don’t blink or you may miss it.
This was a hot day and nobody was silly enough to go outside.
Apart from the RobotZoo Wombat ! That’s why it looks deserted.
The Wombat doesn’t seem to care how hot it is outside …
It just goes and goes.
A lawn mowing robot that can mow the median strip for you hands free.

What does robotzoo do?

Our clever devices help households do mundane chores and maintain the floors, windows, pools and lawns.
There’s a robot for almost every chore:
  • Automatic battery driven robotic lawnmowers;
  • Cordless pool cleaning robots;
  • Frameless glass detecting robotic window cleaners; and,
  • Self-emptying robotic floor vacs.
You can confidently source them all from the one responsible local supplier with a local warranty for every device.

Want to Find Out More?

If you would like us to assess the suitability of your pool or lawn for our devices, please just fill out the enquiry form.
Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to us first, please call us
on 1 3000 ROBOT. (1 3000 76268)
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