All The Accessories For Your Home Robot

Robot Zoo’s carries spare parts and accessories to keep our clever cleaners working.

Robot Zoo Accessories, Parts and Consumables

We want our clever cleaners to serve their owners for a long time.
That’s why Robot Zoo carries a range of spare parts and accessories, Including:

Rechargeable LI Ion internal batteries, if yours ever become depleted.
Power adapters, if you ever need a spare one.
Cleaning cloths & filters if yours ever need replacement.
Rain & shade shelters for our lawn mowers to protect them fro the elements.
Extension cables, if your device needs to go the extra yard.

Extra Bits For Our Bots

Robot Zoo carries a range of accessories, spare parts, and consumables for our clever cleaners, to keep them performing to their best. Here we include just the main ones, there are too many to show them all. If what you are looking for is not shown here, please just send us a note or give us a call, and we will rummage around and look for it.