Floor cleaning robots from RobotZoo

RobotZoo’s smart floor cleaners won’t sweep the mess under the carpet.
Why do we call our floor cleaners the Bug and Beetle? Play the clip below to find out ….

Floor cleaning robots from RobotZoo will let you put your feet up while they scurry around.
They will navigate around your furniture, picking up dust, lint, hair, confetti, glitter, whatever.
The versatile Beetle and diminutive Bug will sweep up and swallow stuff from all kinds of surfaces.
Whether it’s timber, tile, lino, or carpet, these smart cleaners can tackle it all.

Got a hairy pet that moults? Got furniture that other cleaners can’t get beneath?
Problem solved, because the low profile RobotZoo Bug sweeps everything before it.
It can get into those tight spaces and pick up whatever settles under the sofa.

Do you like to have your timber or tile floor mopped after vacuuming? 
Mop no more, since the RobotZoo Beetle has a water tank with wiping cloth to mop after it sweeps.
That’s in addition to a big capacity dust collector, so everything either gets collected or swiped.

How clever is that? And that’s before we mention its other smarts like:
virtual walls; step sensors; scheduled cleaning; remote control; etc.

Introducing Our Floor Cleaners

The RobotZoo Beetle – With a large dust bin, a water tank for mopping after it sweeps, as well as a base station for automatic recharging, the beetle has all it needs to be on call 24/7.

The RobotZoo Bug – With a low height profile, three speed action, and remote control, the little bug can get in, around as well as under furniture and other tight spaces.