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Pool cleaning robots from Robot Zoo

RobotZoo’s proficient pool cleaners maintain your pool like a pro.
Why do we call our pool cleaners the Platypus and Blue Swimmer? Watch the clip below …

The simple, innovative Platypus, and the robust, agile Blue Swimmer have all pool surfaces covered.
Tiles, pebbles, liners, whatever. These devices can walk all over any pool surface.

Want to be able to swim while your pool cleaner is running?
The crafty RobotZoo Platypus gets its energy from a floating battery pack.
So no worries about cables getting in the way, or the device being plugged into the wall.
It’s made to scour the bottom, back & forth, feeding on leaves & debris for hours if needed.
Light to lift in & out, and and easy to empty, recharge it for energy to go again next time.
The platypus has wheels so it won’t climb up your walls or scrub the surface of your pool.

Need something nimble that can clean your pool top to bottom?
The sturdy RobotZoo Blue Swimmer will scrub right to the waterline.
It scrubs the walls and floor as it works, and can fit a sponge or ribbed roller, depending on the pool.
The super long extension cable will have most pool sizes covered.

Who’s who in the zoo?

The RobotZoo Platypus – A simple, effective device that can pick up large and small leaves and pieces from the bottom of the pool. The floating battery pack ensures that it’s safe to use anytime because nothing is plugged in to the wall. There are separate programs for small, medium, or large pools.

The RobotZoo Blue Swimmer – It’s a large, sturdy device with large leaf baskets, built for big pools. Cleans the pool all the way to the waterline. There are separate programs for two, three, or four hours.


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