Window cleaning robots from Robot Zoo.

RobotZoo’s clever window cleaners wipe-on, wipe-off like a ninja.
Why do we name our window cleaners Gecko and Glider? Play the clip below to see…

The stealthy Gecko and speedy Glider window cleaning robots have all kinds of windows covered.
Indoor, outdoor, sliding door, whatever. These devices can reach high and low, inside or outside.

Having trouble getting to that high spot? Can’t reach the far corner of your window? Is safety an issue?
The intrepid RobotZoo Gecko isn’t afraid of heights, and can go anywhere, automatically, or by remote control.

In a hurry to get the job done before guests arrive? Got a large area to clean, or a lot of windows?
The nimble RobotZoo Glider will get the job done quick.

None of these challenges are too great for RobotZoo’s clever little window cleaners.
They will turn up for work on time, won’t complain, or charge you an arm and a leg.
You can use them as often as you like.

Introducing Our Window Cleaners

Introducing the Robot Zoo family of window cleaning robots.

The RobotZoo Gecko – With rotating suction pads that cling while they clean. The stealthy Gecko will climb to hard to reach places and spaces.

The RobotZoo Glider – Will make speedy and graceful work to clean large windows. The modern Glider cleans extra fast, and will even tell you when it’s finished.


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