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Accessories For Robots

We want our devices to serve their owners for a long time. That’s why robotzoo carries a range of spare parts and accessories, Including:

  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion internal batteries. Owners can be assured that the lifetime of their device will be much longer than just the lifetime of the internal battery!
  • Power adapters. In the event that the original one ever gets lost or damaged. Or if a second one is needed to service a new location.
  • Extension cables, if the device needs to go the extra yard for its owner. For those devices which require DC power connection (the window cleaners). These can be especially useful where the mains power supply is a long way from where the device is being used. Or where the area to be cleaned is very high or very wide.
  • Cleaning cloths, filters and other consumables if they ever need replacement. The great thing is that these parts of  RobotZoo’s window cleaners and floor cleaners can be easily washed. Just put them in the washing machine (for cleaning cloths and socks), or in the dishwasher (for floor cleaner dust bins).
  • Other accessories to help keep the devices in top condition. For example, rain & shade shelters for our lawn mowers to protect them from the elements.

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