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Robotic lawn mowers that take the hard work out of yard work, with features such as:

  • Programs for planning and scheduling, and sensors for detecting boundaries and obstacles.
  • Alarms, automatic stop controls and physical guards for personal safety.
  • Remote control via WiFi connection to a smartphone as an option for remote control and ease of programming.
The robotzoo family of Wombat mowers has all sizes of lawns covered:

  • The Wombat III lawn mowers are built for large areas, up to 2600 square metres.
    A powerful on-board battery powers the rear drive wheels with standard and ‘all-terrain’ options.
    And they can mow in forward and in reverse.
  • The Wombat Joey II mowers are made for medium size areas, up to 1800 square metres.
    They have the same rear drive wheel options, just a slightly smaller cutting diameter.
  • The Wombat Junior mowers are made for slightly smaller areas, up to 1000 square metres. Perfect for back yards.
    They also have rear wheel drive, and scheduling as well.
    And the cutting diameter is smaller again.
For more on our smart mowers, please visit our YouTube Channel.

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