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Battery driven pool cleaners with no cables, so it’s safe to swim while they clean. These pool cleaners have been laboratory tested to meet stringent European and Australian Standards. What makes these devices so special is that they are entirely battery powered. This means there are no cumbersome cables in the pool, unlike with other pool cleaning robots. It also means that it’s safe to swim while they clean – they are not plugged into mains power while operating.

The robotzoo Platypus II is designed to scour the bottom, back & forth, feeding on leaves & debris for hours. It can be:

  • lifted in & out of the pool easily;
  • emptied in a minute, and;
  • simply and safely recharged away from the pool.
The Platypus II has wheels so it won’t climb all the way up your walls, or scrub the surface of your pool.

The robotzoo Blue Swimmer II will scrub right to the waterline. It scrubs the walls and floor as it works, and has the option to fit either a sponge or ribbed nylon roller, depending on the pool surface.

Our YouTube Channel has more about our pool cleaning robots.

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