Shipping – How we get your bot to you

All you need to know about shipping from RobotZoo

Shipping and delivery of your new RobotZoo smart cleaner

We don’t “drop ship” from some manufacturers factory like a lot of  sellers on Ebay, Amazon or Alibaba. When shipping this way, you roll the dice on what comes in the box. Has it got the right plug? Is the power supply legal in Australia? Are the instructions and labels in english? Is the item the same as the one pictured? If you’ve not yet experienced any of these issues, then you are lucky.

RobotZoo orders are fulfilled from our Sydney warehouse facility. Our orders are picked every day of the working week , and dispatched using economical, reliable nationwide courier services. We are always looking for new ways to get items to our customers quickly and efficiently.

We don’t offer pick-up from our warehouse. Pick-ups never seem to go according to plan. Besides, our fulfilment workflow is finely tuned so that every step of the way we can track each device uniquely to its owner. For each device, we want to know when & where it was made, stored, picked, delivered, opened and first used. This is so we can provide a better experience to device owners.

Ask Us about FREE SHIPPING until March 2018