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What We Bring

We have carefully sourced and selected our devices based on quality, reliability, safety and value.
Our robot builders are well established, with a strong track record of producing high quality devices for European owners.
And we’ve brought them together as a family under one name.

This means that robot owners don’t need to do the research on which is the best device. Our knowledge can support your decision.
It also means that they have the convenience and assurance of all their bots being looked after by one place.

robotzoo carries spare batteries, parts and consumables for our bots. These items can be ordered individually through our online store shopping cart, or by calling us up. And we provide warranty protection under Australian consumer law.

That is something which is not usually available from offshore sellers on EbayAlibaba or Amazon!

Seven things you get with robotzoo

We take all the uncertainty out of owning a home robot. This means:
  • Research: Sourcing the best robots in their class from the most professional robot makers.
  • Testing:  Reviewing the original testing reports, and tests all these devices for Australian conditions.
  • Compliance: Ensuring that the robots meet Australian standards, and come with the right plugs.
  • Collection: Gathering all these bots together in one family brand for the convenience of owners.
  • Proximity: Giving owners protection under local consumer law, unlike offshore suppliers.
  • Warranty: Providing a full replacement warranty if any device is found to be faulty.
  • Service: Advising owners to help solve problems or overcome tricky situations.
  • Spares: Supplying spares, accessories, batteries, or other important parts.