Are you worried about making the right decision?

The RobotZoo Warranty is here to give ZooMembers peace of mind

For the assurance of our customers, all Robot Zoo devices are covered by Australian warranty. If owners feel there is a warranty issue, they can fill out an online form, or simply contact us . Often when the bots don’t behave as owners  expect, the issue can be resolved by following instructions, either from the manuals or from one of the informative video blogs on our website, or on YouTube. Or, a part may be lost, missing or broken, in which case it can be easily replaced.

If you receive one of our devices and know straight away that it’s not going to be fit for your purpose, Robot Zoo will also accept returns. The device should be unused and returned in its original packaging. In such cases, some costs such as shipping and financial payment fees are unfortunately unable to be refunded. But you have the assurance that you can get your money back on the device if it’s not for you. Some items have a ‘trial purchase’ plan, which customers can also take advantage of.

Robot Zoo is governed by the laws of New South Wales, and observes all Australian laws, including Consumer Law and Electronic Safety regulations.