Celebrating World Wombat Day (October 22) - Get A New Set Of Cutting Blades

October 22 was World Wombat Day. In recognition of this auspicious day, and to celebrate the clever mammal whose name we have given to our mowers, robotzoo will be sending a new set of cutting blades to customers who have bought a new Wombat mower from us in the past 2 years.
  • What do you call a group of wombats? … It shows how clever these creatures really are.
  • Why did the wombat cross the road? … and other wombat jokes here.
  • Why don’t wombats get more exposure on FacebookInstagram, YouTube or Pinterest… it’s not fair that cats get all the media attention.
Winter has been cold and dry, with little growth to the grass, our mowers have been sitting in their charging stations, conserving their energies. With spring just around the corner, get your robot lawn mower ready for summer.

Why Did We Name Our Mowers After The Wombat?

Play the video and you will see the resemblance.

Compare our mowers

If you would like to see a comparison of the robotzoo mowers with other models from Husqvarna, Landroid, Worx and RoboMow, see our article on Robot Mower Reviews. Also, for more videos, please see our YouTube Channel.

Do you want to find out more?

If you would like any bits and pieces for your mower, please fill out the form below. Alternatively, if you would prefer to speak to us first, please call us on 1 3000 ROBOT. (1 3000 76268)

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