Window Cleaner Backup Battery Replacement

If your window cleaner backup battery is flat, it may need to be replaced. This will happen eventually if it’s not kept in top condition by regular recharging.
If the device is not currently working, then it could be that the on-board backup battery that has run out of juice, and can’t be recharged anymore. This can happen if the device is put away for a long time. Lithium batteries should be charged regularly to ensure they remain healthy.

Your Window Cleaner Has A Safety Battery

The robotzoo Gecko and Glider window cleaners make use of a small on-board lithium battery as a safety feature. The purpose of the window cleaner backup battery is simply to provide enough power to keep the device adhered to the window by vacuum pressure if there is a loss in mains power.
robot window cleaner battery

Replacing the Battery – RobotZoo Gecko

For the robotzoo Gecko, replacement of the battery is straightforward. Here is a step-by-step guide. For other models, the procedure of opening up the case may be a little different, but the steps are fundamentally the same.

Gecko Window Cleaner

Removing the wheel rims.

Just lift the rims carefully off the device (they are snap-locked on to the rotating wheels. This is the same procedure as what is done when replacing the socks.

robot window cleaner pads off

Removing the wheels

The wheels each fit onto a square nylon lug, and are each fastened on with a Phillips head screw to that lug.

robot window cleaner wheels off

Opening the Cover

There are 6 small Phillips head screws evenly inset around the perimeter of the device on the underside. Once these are off, (carefully) prise open the cover.

robot window cleaner cover off

Removing & Unplugging the Battery.

The battery is fastened into an enclosure with double-sided tape so as to ensure it does not bounce around when the cleaner is working. It has a lead, approx. 10cm long, which connects to the main controller board.

robot window cleaner lithium battery

Plugging In & Fastening the New Battery.

The new battery should be fastened into its enclosure with double-sided tape so as to ensure it does not bounce around when the cleaner is working.

When plugging the battery in, also check that the main board is securely fastened to its 3 mounting points. Sometimes these mounts can break. If it is not secure, remove the mounting screws, and fasten the board down with slightly larger screws.

robot window cleaner power connection

Re-assembling The Device

With the replacement battery plugged in and securely installed, test the fan by turning on the device – does it start? If so, then:

  • Join the cover and base together, and replace the 6 cover screws;
  • Replace the wheels back onto the nylon lugs and screw down;
  • Replace the wheel rims back onto the wheels.


robot window cleaner

Using Your Window Cleaner

If you get a robot window cleaner, it makes sense that you should use it regularly. It’s also very important to the long term health and working life of the device. 

But not everyone does this, and sometimes you can put the thing away and forget about it for a while.

What this post shows is how important it is to keep the backup safety battery charged, even if you are not using the device for extended periods.

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