Robot Mower Internal Charge Sensors

The following describes how to troubleshoot and diagnose the robot mower internal charge sensors.
The charging properties of the mower can be checked through the diagnostic screen when the mower is seated in the charging station.
There is an Internal Charge sensor (ICH), and a Charging connection sensor (CH).

The Internal Charge (ICH) indicator has a range 0~4096. The higher the reading, the more current is being drawn.

When charging, the indicator should show >500, until the internal battery voltage rises above 26V.

When the internal battery voltage rises above 26V, the ICH reading should gradually decrease, until the mower is fully charged, and no more current is required.

The charging connection CH indicates whether or not the electrical connection between the mower and the charging station is good:
(1=connected; 0=disconnected)

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