Balmain Bug

What’s in the box?

For those customers who asked ‘Does it map the pool’? Yes!
For those who asked ‘Does it have a smartphone app’? Yes!
It will pick up leaves and other detritus from the bottom of your pool.
It will also scrub down the walls as well with its roller.

  • A compact motor: 11.1V; 65 watts; powered by rechargeable 8600mAh Lithium Battery.
  • Strong endurance: 1.5 hours working time on fully charged battery, 5 hours to fully recharge.
  • Great Flow: Filtering capacity 10 cubic metres per hour, with 180 micron filter.
  • Fast cleaning: Crawling speed 11 m per minute, can manage vertical incline.
  • Dimensions (Device): Length 36cm; Width 40cm; Height 24cm.
  • Accessories: Australian compliant AC Adapter; soft PVC rollers.

Backorder for Jan 2022

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Want to know more about the robotzoo Blue Swimmer II Pool Cleaner?

Robotic pool cleaners have been around for a while now. Usually, they have an AC Adapter or transformer plugged into mains power while they are operating. The transformer is connected to the device by a tether that carries the DC power. This means that you can’t (or shouldn’t) swim while the pool cleaner is operating. Imagine if someone in the pool pulled on the tether hard enough to drag the transformer into the pool! At robotzoo we’ve never been satisfied with this, and we’ve always wanted our robotic pool cleaners to be totally battery powered. And now they are!

robotzoo’s pool cleaners are battery powered – it’s safe to swim while they’re working!

Also, there are no accessories to worry about for the robotzoo Blue Swimmer II pool cleaner or for the robotzoo Platypus II. Parts are available from robotzoo if anything needs replacement.

robotzoo provides a 24 month warranty on the Blue Swimmer II pool cleaner. And there’s benefits of being a robotzoo Member for anyone who takes one home.

What’s so special about the robotzoo Blue Swimmer II pool cleaning robot?

The robotzoo Blue Swimmer pool cleaner will reach all the way to the waterline when cleaning your pool. It will not only pick up leaves and other detritus from the bottom of your pool, it will scrub down the walls as well with its rollers. There are two types of rollers – a sponge roller for smooth  tile or vinyl walls, or a PVC roller for rougher concrete or pebble walls.

The robotzoo Blue Swimmer II is a hardy design. It’s made for big jobs. It is propelled by rollers, which along with its neutral buoyancy, allow it to climb all the way to the waterline. It will not only pick up leaves and other detritus off the pool floor, but give the walls a scrub too. And it’s easy to empty too. Just lift out the cartridges on either side, and empty into the bin.

What do you need to know about safety?

Robotic pool cleaners are specially engineered to operate operate outdoors in a wet environment. They are designed as Low Voltage Devices, (LVDs) to improve safety. But because most are connected to mains power, they require supervision when being used. There are some things to watch out for.

Electrical Safety?

The AC Adapter is all important. It must comply with Australian standards, carry the RCM mark, and include the standard 3 pin Australian wall plug. robotzoo is very careful about these points. Heavy fines and jail sentences apply to anyone selling electrical equipment in Australia that is non-compliant with Australian electrical safety standards. And so they should.

Many suppliers, particularly on Ebay, Amazon or Alibaba will ignore these points, either wilfully or out of ignorance. Especially those overseas suppliers selling online who are out of reach of Australian law. There is no protection for Australian consumers who try to save a few dollars buying from these overseas suppliers. So buyers beware!

Device Safety?

Suction cleaners that attach to the filter box can be hazardous, because the vacuum created by the pool pump can be very strong. The design of the robotzoo Blue Swimmer II is inherently safe because the jets are blowing water out of the device, not sucking it in. Water enters into the filter cartridges of the device through slots in the bottom, which will not catch little fingers or hair.

Weight 8.5 kg
Dimensions 45 × 45 × 30 cm













Immediate (7 day), Backorder (Jan 2022)


Backorder for Jan 2022

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